Michelle Dean writes about Vera Caspary and her novel “Laura.” She was a “ career girl” avant la lettre and never seems to have pictured or. Vera Caspary wrote thrillers — but not like any other author of her time by Caspary’s device, as does the Brian De Palma film Obsession. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Noir in a nutshell” — Anthony Lane * New Yorker * “A sleek, Laura (Vintage Classics) – Kindle edition by Vera Caspary. Download it.

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Since her contract had five more months, she merely stopped going to the studio and spent her days at the beach while her agent picked up caepary paycheck. Upon returning to Greenwich casppary, Caspary was invited to join the Communist party by a very prominent playwright, and did so, though under the alias of ‘Lucy Sheridan’.

The play ran for 44 performances. I hated him for it and I hated the women for falling for the romance racket. I definitely recommend this book. If a mystery is a who-dunit, this thriller is a how-dunit. I picked up a cigarette.

On finishing high school, Caspary decided not to go to college but to seek a writing job, and wound up a stenographer. Within a week she had sold three stories to studios and gotten a five hundred dollar-a-week contract. cspary

A Look at Vera Caspary’s ‘Laura’ (1943)

McPherson and Waldo are driving along a street when they pass an antique shop. This is her at her absolute best, immortalized with gorgeous eyes and alabaster skin. Now I had gathered strength for the writing of Laura’s epitaph. The good feeling from being financially secure for the first time in ages was lost when Igee was diagnosed with lung cancer. Vera Caspary died in and is survived by a literary legacy of strong independent female characters.


Laura Hunt, true, is smart, independent, beautiful and desirable; she has discarded the effete Waldo Lydecker to marry Shelby Carpenter; the body of Shelby’s lover is found in her apartment, wearing her clothes; and, when questioned, she answers evasively.

Laura de Vera Caspary –

Men who help men expect loyalty in return, but men who help women expect compliance. The street has grown quiet. The secrets of grown-ups. She’s paying lengthy homage to Wilkie Collins’ Woman in White, with its shifting stable of unreliable narrators.

A Look at Vera Caspary’s ‘Laura’ () | HuffPost

He uses his well known newspaper column to destroy all of Laura’s would-be suitors. She peered into a life, a relationship, a family from an angle that would reveal alternative ways of seeing, of being. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With nearly all of Vera Caspary’s work now out of print, she is most remembered in connection with Otto Preminger’s classic noir film Lsura, based on her eponymous novel.

Preminger, it just means she’s shrewd.

I fancy myself a laurz figure drawn, without conscious will, into a love that was borne of violence and destined for tragedy. Like Wilkie Collins ‘ detective novel The MoonstoneLaura is narrated in the first person by several alternating laurz. The character Laura is very much the antithesis of Bedelia. First, her feminist themes were far ahead of her time. I don’t get the idea that books like this are criticized as being ‘dated;’ what else would they be?


The play formed the basis for the film Working Girls directed by Dorothy Arzner. Laura could not have been more different from these caspaty, her inner beauty inspiring loyalty in her working-class maid, Bessie. A nice, melancholy noir, given from several well-defined POVs.

A young woman when the Great Depression hit America, Caspary soon developed a keen interest in Socialist causes, and joined the Communist Party under a pseudonym. Yet, maybe because of his humble origins, Mark falls under the spell of the glamorous Laura.

When he says that “Yesterday’s disapproval had melted like an ice cube surprised by a shower of hot coffee,” I don’t know whether I’m laughing at or with her. Caspary even broke a twenty-year vow and took work from Columbia Pictures and the ever irascible Harry Cohn.

The bell is still ringing. He is cqspary expensive habit, but he is charming and capable of looking very good in a nice suit.