This guide will show you how to correctly export a document from Adobe InDesign to be printed, and also how to flatten the layers within Adobe. You can create InDesign documents that have multiple layers, which is useful when you have many elements to work with. For example, an image of your. The InDesign software program included in Adobe’s Creative Suite lets you create professional brochures, books, catalogs and other complex.

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Please enter a title. To export a preset to a separate file, click Save InDesign or Export Illustratorspecify a name and location, and then click Save.

In the Print Production panel, click on Flattener Preview, and you’ll see a dialog box like this. Ok, I see what you mean now. Kate is especially well known around the New Horizons office for her creative flair and talent in using the Adobe suite. Converts rxport type objects point type, area type, and path type to outlines and discards all type glyph information flatyened pages containing transparency. Colors in placed graphics that interact with transparency are also converted to the blend space.

Highlights all text that will be outlined if involved in transparency or because Convert All Text To Outlines is selected. What is Experiential Marketing?

I want to be printed! You shouldn’t need to do anything special as long edport the InDesign document is set up with correct bleeds and page sizes.


Traps applied to artwork in Adobe Illustrator using strokes and placed in InDesign will be preserved. Transparent objects are flattened according to the settings in the selected flattener preset.

However, outlining text and strokes can be worth the extra time as it helps to fix inconsistencies in appearance of text and line art which flows through transparency effected areas.

Flatten transparent artwork

Stitching, where rasters and vectors meet. About us Case Studies Gallery Contact us.

Acrobat DC has a menu customising feature, so it is not found in the main menu in the default program. Export and import a custom transparency flattener preset.

How to Flatten an InDesign Document

Not all printers have strong preferences, but some do, and you may as well get it flatteend the first time. In PDF output, this simulation converts spot colors to process color equivalents. The flattening settings are used only if the artwork contains transparency or if Simulate Overprint is selected in the Output area of the Export Adobe PDF dialog box. When I export from indesign, I typically choose the “Press Quality” job option to send my files to the printer.

Of course, using the print dialogue demands a full version of Acrobat is installed on your system.

This content has been marked as final. Configuring users and indeaign in Lync Server 5 tips for successful project management Mastering the Histogram in Photoshop Become a pro in SharePoint with master pages.


Select the flattening settings you want to use: If a transparent object overlaps a spot color object, undesirable results may occur when you export to EPS format, and then convert spot colors to process colors upon printing or create color separations in an application other than InDesign.

To do this, you must specify settings both when you place the Indesgn graphic and when you output it.

How to Flatten InDesign Documents |

Rename or delete a custom transparency flattener preset. Use for desktop proofs and print-on-demand documents that will be printed on Adobe PostScript color printers. If you run the PDF Optimzer and just change the compatibility to Acrobat 4 it will flatten the transparency and remove any layers in the PDF becasue they are not supported at that level.

I’ll tell you how you can check the flattening in the PDF file. This is because InDesign uses process color equivalents on screen, but uses spot colors in indesogn. Flattening may convert vectors to rasterized areas.

Post as a guest Name. Do one of the following:. Scott k 14 Ignore the flattener preset on an individual spread. However, I’ve run into a situation where a printer I’m intersted is having a problem with my pdf files.