The Swedish wizards of traction at Haldex build the 4Motion system itself. However, unlike most of the systems built by Haldex, the. Haldex Generation I and II based all wheel drive system is reactive. The coupling activates after a wheelspin is detected. However, the reaction is very quick and. Audi prominently uses the Torsen style drive system in its vehicles; AWD equipped Volkswagens are branded as “4motion”, and mainly use a Haldex system.

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Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. Couple hours later the 4mktion leaks oil, structure broken. Rear differential and Haldex 4 on Audi TT quattro. Haldex clutch is installed in the rear axle’s differential housing and powers rear wheels.

Haldex Generation I and II based all wheel drive system is reactive. It might seem like it hardly matters, since buyers keep buying all-wheel-drive cars like crazy haldfx. The Passat is available with three Longitudinally mounted engines: Obviously, this is great for real drivers on public roads.

Haldex VS Torsen: Which do I Have, and Does it Really Matter?

Idem for frontwheels don’t turn and the backwheels turns in the breakbench. The fourth generation does not have the mechanical pump any more. Since invention of Gen I inthe company produced several generations of products licensed to and customized for some major automotive brands, that in turn have marketed Haldex Traction AWD under different names.

You have better pictures or videos of Haldex Generation Iv, that you can contribute? When both shafts are rotating at the same speed, there is no pumping action. This equal distribution is charakteristic only for open differential! Those three humble letters are spoken of in high regard, like a set of powerful ancient runes that will make you impervious to all manner of bad weather and road hazards.


We’re a long way from the primitive Quattro systems that made Audi famous in the early Eighties, which pushed power to all four wheels all the time. Like all parts, the Haldex system requires maintenance. Sales Hours Borg-Warner’s Haldex generation 3. The reason people like the Haldex, then, is because using power only when needed saves on fuel. And after a day of pushing Volkswagen’s 4Motion system well past the point of propriety, I can say that while it won’t turn you into a superhero, it might just save you from yourself.

Haldex Traction

Archived from the original on 1 August The wet multi-plate clutch The controllable throttle valve with its electronics. The oil returns to the reservoir via a controllable valve, which adjusts the oil pressure and the force on the clutch package. But it was still surprising just how well the system worked in the Atlas and Tiguan, both of which seemed eager to snap sideways when given the chance—though, sadly, the electronic nannies were just jaldex eager to jump in and bring the good times to a screeching halt.

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat 4motipn does the Volkswagen 4Motion system work with Haldex? Can I use wheel spacers at the rear axis to widen the track?

And before I checked out the other vehicles Volkswagen had carted out to this remote corner of a Christmas tree forest, the Golf R had a few more things to teach me. How Do They Work?

For further information, see the Haldex Web site. Hello guys, I have a very simple question that technicians from Skoda could not answer. Have you seen a better 4motkon of Haldex Generation Iii, on the web? Borg-Warner’s Haldex generation 4. Is there a pressure of the oil inside and if so, how high this is or can be.


I’ve been trying to get information from BMW as to the maximum allowable diameter difference between tires with out compromising either the operation or longevity of the drive train to no avail.

This system attempts to engage the rear wheels when the front wheels start to slip. Test here before posting.

Haldex VS Torsen: Which do I Have, and Does it Really Matter?

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. 4motipn sure if you need 4Motion in your vehicle? First, sometimes the automatic is a better choice. There are also pre-set modes that you can select, to alter engine and transmission behavior depending on terrain. It was easy to dance on the throttle and give it just enough gas to step out the back end while keeping the traction control at bay.

Even with the stability control turned “off,” the computer still intervened and cut the power to straighten out the car before anything resembling a decent slide could be achieved. A Torsen differential is a full time limited-slip center diff. Many Volkswagen vehicles have an optional dual-clutch automatic. That’s a fact which is very easy to research, folks.

Videos Diagonal spin test New! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.