Blood Pact (Gaunt’s Ghosts) [Abnett Dan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gaunt and his men are his men are drawn into a web of intrigue . Blood Pact by Dan Abnett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. , This article is about the novel; for the Chaos cult, see Blood Pact. Blood Pact is the twelfth novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett.

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The main Tanith curse-word is fethwhich is used in the same context as “fuck”, but it is also the name of an ancient Tanith tree-god.

Mar 02, Razael rated it it was amazing. No female Tanith are mentioned in detail, and it is presumed that none made it off-world, but if any did they did not accompany the Tanith First. It is possible that some Tanith survived annett loss of their homeworld simply because they were not on the planet when it came under attack.

By request of Van Voytz and on his own free will, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt leads a hand-picked team of Ghosts to Gereon; a Chaos-held world where Sturm is undergoing an agonising ordeal to recover his memory.

Blood Pact by Dan Abnett

Tanith is briefly visited in Ghostmakerand described by the Ghosts in ;act novels. With Blood Pact it became a different type of story – still very much a Warhammer tale, but this time one that takes a step back from the typical military action associated with them.

Feb 25, Student Teacher rated it really liked it. Nov 01, Michaelt rated it liked it Shelves: As he is sheltering under cover from the furious onslaught of incoming Chaos fire he turns to a junior PDF officer and together they lead the charge that breaks the Chaos resistance.


I love you Dan Abnett! Bonin also remarks that this tradition wasn’t observed much in Tanith’s final years.

Blood Pact (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The novel also provides greater detail of Gaunt’s past tour on Balhaut during his service with the Hyrkan 8th, before the founding of the Tanith First-and-Only. They are not sequential; for example, the fall of Tanith in the first chapter of Ghostmaker occurs before the siege on Fortis Binary in First and Onlywhich in xan takes place before the assault on Oskray Hive in Ghostmaker this latter time-line can be established by the mention of a cybernetic shoulder that was fitted to Sgt.

After the Ghosts successfully infiltrate the Blood Pact’s defences and prevent a disastrous loss for the Imperium, Lord-General Van Voytz re-considers his approach on the Ouranberg invasion.

Now I have to admit, after reading Sabbat Worlds, I was a little worried about this one.

Gaunt is shocked to learn that the Tanith First has been disbanded and merged with an under-strength regiment; the 81st Belladon. Archived from the original on 3 January He hasn’t sold over a million books world wide for nothing!

Being the 12th entry in the series it’s usually quite wise to be familiar with the characters as jumping in at this stage more often than not causes confusion, head scratching and the general feeling of being lost.

As the Ghosts withdraw, General Noches Sturm of the Royal Volpone and his adjutant, Major Gilbear, both abnettt whom were disdainful of Gaunt and his “low-born” soldiers, order the Ketzok to bombard the Tanith as they fall back to their base. The Tanith are then ordered to infiltrate and assault the main water-gate and sanitation outfall of Voltis to mine the walls and form a breach for an assault by the Royal Volpone 50th storm troopers, vlood as the “Bluebloods”.


Gaunt’s Ghosts

According to Scout Trooper Bonin, most old Tanith families his own included baptise and officially name their children at the age of eight, as naming children at birth was considered premature and a child would grow into the names he or she would need.

Tanith was home to the legendary Nalsheen wood warriors, a brotherhood of Tanith who used the martial art cwlwhl pronounced kil-wil ; using blade-tipped staffs adn fight off multiple foes.

Much of Vervunhive abneht plunged into panic and thousands perish in the first few days, and aid from the Imperial Guard is called for. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 32mm Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

In the first chapter of the book, we meet E. Blood Pact After the gruelling events on Jago, the Tanith First is removed from active service for the first time since its founding and sent to Balhaut to perform garrison duties. Feb 28, Derek Weese rated it it was amazing. However, it seemed way to short and way to, how can I say this, fluffy? This inconsistency is partly dealt with in Eisenhorn which is set before Gaunt’s Ghostsalso by Abnett, where the title character meets an aged Hekate.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Gaunt has recovered from the ordeal he faced int he last book, he has new eye augmentations, but he too is getting flabby with the being out of rotations. Fortis Binary is described as a forge-world, a planet-wide factory that fell to Chaos.