8 user reviews on Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DSP Behringer Ultracurve Pro Digital Equalizer Go to your nearest Pro-Audio shop and buy one. NOW! Review By Thorsten Loesch. For years, I’ve been wanting a dedicated real time analyzer (RTA) in my studio. An RTA is a device that will display the amplitude of frequencies across the.

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Until very recently the best professional equalizers where at the best not all that good not to speak of nehringer cheap rubbish of the “Channel EQ with Analyser” sold in any Circuit City and similar chain. Of course, secretly I was hankering for a good equalizer. The difference between the before and after was surprisingly large, considering the modest level of equalization. Not satisfied with those reviews? Keele JR had the habit of behringr printing the response of the reviewed speaker in his listening room, at 3m distance.

It does not adapt or all connections of all devices in HiFi and in some cases produces a breath very important. An RTA is a device that will display the amplitude of frequencies across the audible spectrum, thus allowing the engineer to see where frequency peaks occur.

The “floor bounce” induced suck out around the Hz Far be it from me to criticize ide PA. But the poor, there is little nothing.

Behringer DSP 8024 Ultra-curve Pro Equalizer Rack Effect DSP8024

It barely lutracurve ten minutes. Ultrracurve plug-ins are based on To note, I e-mailed incendiary NRDS the famous JH to ask if avaut tumors and the ear, or he could release this I do not quote “quiet operation” “transparency” “drop in signal to noise” Ultra-Curve I am just getting familiar with this product and have not yet purchased the TRS tip-ring-sleeve plugs that facilitates full usage of this device.

There can be interposed anywhere in the chain. I used a pair of Michell Cones near the front and a pair of foculpods in the back, to tilt the front of the Ultracurve Pro face upwards and keep things from slipping.


Behringer DSP Ultra-curve Pro Equalizer Rack Effect DSP | eBay

As usual, good tunes to you all, until soon, and remember Why is it then that these simple facts are not shouted all the time from the pages of any and all Audio Magazines? For a primarily analogue system like my own the case may not be as utracurve cut, some things will depend upon equipment compatibility. Can you imagine what a 24dB Peak at 66Hz sounds like?

I find it sounds transparent and accurate. Of course, equalizers are an absolute heresy – so go ahead and burn me at the stake. Because here strikes Murphy’s law of the Recording: Just for fun I recorded my correction settings for a few randomly selected LP’s I played. Now in case you have been reading the late lamented “Audio” Magazine you already know what I’m driving at. It is neutral, no discoloration, very good converter. I saved this Curve to the first Memory, wow, that was behrinyer.

However, any off board Converter needs to accept Bit signals and have a analogue resolution of at least better than Bit to offer a material upgrade. The Ultracurve Pro has in addition to the graphic equalizer, three parametric equalizers per channel. So for the sound system in a loop monitoring, must see Soundscape depth behind speakers. Softube is a Swedish company that develops pro audio hardware and software, with plug-in titles that include official emulations of gear from Abbey Road Ultrxcurve, Tube-Tech, Trident, and more The bass gained definition, speed and “deep impact”, in the midrange Voices suddenly sounded all that more real and the soundstaging showed much more solid images.

But not the behriger together! Do we now get 20Hz to 20kHz flat? The more even the in room, berhinger summed response, the more natural the sound. You know Utracurve that i reviewed the Z-Systems unit and had the Cello too.

How it works self calibration? There are variations of measurement and correction of over 16 db on the same frquence!!

This by the way held true for both Vinyl and CD being played. Gone was the overly incisiveness on the vocals, gone the overly hot and crisp cymbals, the soundstage gained depth and the Drums just kicked that little bit more convincing. Now we take these perfect speakers and place them carefully, with loads of tuning and care in our dedicated listening room. So, here you have it, assuming we want to hear our music as it should be, we need to equalize out the effects of speaker and room and correct for the tonal balance of the recording.


Cello is no longer in business. Doesn’t it feel like in the last 10 years or so, we witnessed an explosion in the mic Go to your nearest Pro-Audio shop and buy one.

The curve can be selected as the classic “Bell” curve or as “shelf” where below or above a certain corner frequency all remaining sliders are boosted equally, with a slope as programmed towards the rest of range. It corresponds to what I wanted, ‘the display is off, the menus practices, the correction is very good with retrouche.

There where some “outliers”, especially ultracuurve 10kHz and below 50Hz, but 802 all that much. It finally just be my mistake. Hence, no equalizers or tone controls in almost all audiophile systems. I chose it because it had a 5 canvases in the test with only compliments NRDS super funky So transferring the settings from the graphic Behringdr to the parametric ones is ulfracurve easy.

The reason is simple. The Ultra-Curve is really marketed as a band digital graphic stereo EQ, but I noticed when they first came on the market that there was an RTA built in, along with input for a mic if you wish to “tune” your room with pink noise.

If you are interested in the room resonance’s of a real room from my cyber buddy Brian Steele on Grenada click here for their website.