With a new Beauty and the Beast movie hitting theaters in Spring , it’s time to catch up on all things Beastly. Find out what it was like for the beast in Alex. With a new Beauty and the Beast movie hitting theaters in spring , it’s time to catch up on all things Beastly. Find out what it was like for the beast in Alex. curses shallow rich kid. Read Common Sense Media’s Beastly review, age rating, and parents guide. curses shallow rich kid. Alex Flinn · Fairy Tale;

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This story tells us not to judge someone based a,ex their appearance, but rather what they really are on the inside because what you see is not beastlu real. While I have a bio on Goodreads as a service to my readers, I do not visit Goodreads on a regular basis. I wish it was more modern looking, because the story being told is a Way modernized version of the classis, ‘Beauty and the Beast”. And, since it’s told from the Beast’s point of view, it will appeal to boys who otherwise might not pick it up.

This book is a charming retelling of the story of Beauty vy the Beast. There are no surprises for readers familar wth the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast ,” but teens will enjoy the setting and some of the characterizations. Adult Written by ReadinMama July 23, I didn’t get back to it until I had my first daughter, Katie.

Beastly—Special Edition

Kyle’s actually a good narrator, having a typical teenage boy voice, which at times can be rather funny. I enjoyed this new take on Beauty and the Beast. And this is what that makes it an enjoyable book. People who have been cursed, and most amusingly – people from fairytales we know; The Frog Prince, The Little Mermaid, etc.


How old is your kid? Kendra reveals that she was Magda, punished to remain a servant forever because of her careless spell but she can now return home as well.

My family moved to Miami when I was in middle school. Overall, Beastly is a heartwarmingwonderfully retold version of Beauty and the Beast. If you have a kind, caring heart – then you are beautiful. But I compensated for this early proficiency by absolutely refusing to read the programmed readers required by the school system — workbooks where you read the story, then answered the questions. Is it to late? Fans of Alex Pettyfer, peeps who loves fairy tale retellings.

The beast accidentally breaks a girl’s arm; he threatens to throw a thief off of a roof; a girl is threatened by her father; an assailant is shot; the beast is shot. She is Adrian’s last chance to break the spell before his two years are up. Some parts of this book were just darn right adorable.

Kyle becomes compassionate in the end; he cares for his friends and supports them. Official Movie Trailer http: Parents need to know that Beastly is a contemporary “Beauty and the Beast ” retelling told from the Beast’s viewpoint. Alex Finn did a great job keeping the the concept for the original tale and making it work in today’s world. This is similar to how modafinil works where you can find out more via modafinilonline And I need to meet 1 to end my curse.

Why should they be treated as royalty?

Beastly by Alex Flinn | Scholastic

This was the first project to be developed by the new film arm of CBS Corporationwith the option of the Harper Teen book announced in December The word was from another time aalex place. View all 7 comments. But for me, Beastly was only OK.


The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential.


And any adults who will admit alsx enjoying Twilightlet me urge you to give Beastly a try. On the other hand, it would be cool if I got two or three times the votes of the next-closest person. There’s also plenty of kissing with an inference of sex. U type great, Silent. The time is now. Plus it has the positive message that i By high school, I’d made some friends and gotten involved in various “gifted and talented” performing arts programs.

Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve ‘s Beauty and the Beast.

Beastly – a YA novel by Alex Flinn

Oct 11, Kristy rated it really liked it. Or are they truly more superficial than normal? It was lovely watching Kyle change and grow throughout the storylearn the importance of being a good person, becoming someone who judges based on personality and not by how someone looks or how much money he lfinn.

Teen, 14 years old Written by Zarah March 1, Heck, I would be grabbing the first sharp object I saw and not stopping to think whether or not this kidnapper was a good guy.

Jan 24, Arlene rated it really liked it Recommended to Arlene by: What was different in those families? View all 3 comments. I really liked it but I’m not really amazed by it but I think it’s a great retelling and I still looking forward to watching it come to life in the film.

I love a good fractured fairy tale, and this was no exception. Stay up to date on new reviews.