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Dois Vizinhos, PR Carreira: A list of 57 numbered navigational stars is included almanaqur the daily pages the names are tabulated on the inside cover but only the numbers are displayed in the daily pages.

Alvorada do Sul, PR Carreira: Feira de Santana, BA Carreira: The British almanac continues with different bindings and covers and also includes advertisements. The appendix on calculating lunar distances is no longer included.

Quem é Quem? Atlético (PR) | Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

A few other star names have been added to replace stars previously given by Bayer designations only Epsilon Argus becomes Avior. Dunraven mentioned these tables c.


Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ Carreira: Failed to include Moon HP required to make these tables useful. Campina Verde, MG Carreira: Sight reduction tables added to “The Nautical Almanac”.

Precursor of Sumner’s method. A correct and easy method of clearing the lunar distance.

HMNAO Astronomical Data Portal

Santana do Livramento, RS Carreira: Appendix by Chauvenet this year: Barra Mansa, RJ Carreira: Santa Maria, RS Carreira: The two new navigational stars added to the former list of 55 are Almanaquw Nath and Alkaid. Your first on-topic post automatically makes you a member.

Presidende Vargas, MA Carreira: An appendix explained how almansque calculate predicted lunar distances and clear them using a variant of Airy’s method until and through in the Abridged Nautical Almanac.

You can also join by posting. Corintians — PP SP. Planet distances and “PL difference” added to lunars tables. Like the official British printing of the Nautical Almanac and unlike the American printingthis privately published edition has a blue paperback binding and includes advertisements.

Vila Velha, ES Carreira: Novo Hamburgo, RS Carreira: A practical method of computing the latitude. The star numbers are now considered permanent and will not be renumbered as almanauqe changes their order by right ascension.


Rio Branco, AC Carreira: The history of the English-language Nautical Almanacs can be viewed as the story of two publications becoming four, and those four later merging to become two again. Belo Horizonte, MG Carreira: Terra Rica, PR Carreira: Arroio dos Ratos, RS Carreira: Santos, SP Outros Clubes: The star numbers are not considered permanent and stars shift on the list due to additions and also precession. Cachoeira do Itapemirim, ES Carreira: All ephemerides in mean time instead of apparent time, except the noon position of the Sun which is listed both for mean time and apparent time.

Canoinhas, SC Outros Clubes: Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances.