Add to cart. Gift List. Scarab Occult Terminators kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Magnus the Red kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Exalted Sorcerers kr. Add to cart. Ahriman: Exile was an amazing book and his follow up, Ahriman: Sorcerer is no different. What is it about this book that was so great?. Loremasters, today we dive into the history of Ahzek Ahriman, the greatest Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons!.

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Exile are abruptly dropped or abandoned entirely. The final installment in the series is set to come out later this year and they even just released a sneak preview of it on the Warhammer Sorcerre. One of those who perished was Ohrmuzd Ahriman, whose passing instilled in his twin both great grief and a great dread of the flesh-change. This time the Arch-Sorcerer bypassed the sanctum’s Harlequin defenders and spectral guardians by projecting himself inside the Black Library’s halls, allowing his physical body to transcribe onto hermetic parchment what his astral self sees.

Ahriman : Sorcerer – John French

M41, Ahriman was summoned sotcerer to the Planet of the Sorcerers by Magnus the Red himself for the first time since the casting of the Rubric. Sometime before the start of the 13th Black Crusade in As the Imperial lines hold out against the onslaught, the Silver Towers align with sites of geomantic power and begin siphoning the internal energy of Fenris, and on the third day the air is riven with fire.

Now firmly on this path after the events of Ahriman: Ahriman risked his Primarch Magnus the Red ‘s wrath when he lead a search team in pursuit of the Primarch after Magnus had made himself absent from his Legion, despite Magnus’ prior insistence that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances. The novel can skip around a bit with time, particularly in the beginning.

He sent his emissaries to his former brothers in the hopes of enticing them to join his warband. With the help of his Fellowship Captains, Magnus would project himself across the Warp and attempt to shield his brother from his enemies. Because of the shield, an Imperial invasion of Tizca had to take place. I look forward to a triumphant end to this trilogy.


Despite the nature of his doom, Ahriman has embraced his quest totally, and no bastion of knowledge in the entire galaxy can be considered safe from his rapacious intellect. This incident represented the first time sorcerrer Ahriman was known to have mistrusted the judgement of his Primarch and then acted contrary to his expressed desires. Ormuzdh is the Avestan name for the highest divinity of the Old Iranian religion who was proclaimed as the uncreated God by Zoroaster, the prophet and founder of the ancient dualistic faith of Zoroastrianism.

Ahriman: Sorcerer (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Sep 25, Noah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet even as he gathers the tools required to make the first step on this new journey, old loyalties and ambitions drive others to bring the sorcerer low… Despite ending on a relatively high note in the previous novel, this latest book clearly establishes just how monumental a task is before him. During his sojourn across the Warp, Magnus realised the treachery ran deeper than he had first thought.

The scars of his obsession have made his name a curse in the mouths of humans and aliens alike. As Ahriman prepares to wrench the knowledge he seeks from his dying captives, Yvraine — the Ynnari emissary of the recently awakened Aeldari God of the Dead Ynnead — demonstrates the power she can offer by restoring to life a dozen Rubric Marines. He felt betrayed once more by the Emperor’s decision. A range of foes bar his path or dog his heels, from the Inquisition and the Grey Knights to a tireless pack of Space Wolves, not to mention his own treacherous allies.

He fosters Chaos Cults on dozens xorcerer worlds at a time, providing the cults’ magi with sorcerous power until such time as they have acquired some antiquarian trinket or satisfied another of Ahriman’s demands before turning the wrath of his Thousand Sons’ warband of Chaos Space Marinesthe Prodigal Sonsupon them and seizing all they have for himself.


Magnus had foreseen that the Luna Wolves Legion would soon be making war on a moon of Davinand the fates were conspiring to arhiman Horus with a weapon of dreadful xhriman. Accompanied by a warband of Thousand Sons Sorcerers he called the Prodigal SonsAhriman approached the planet under stealth, and used his sorcery, the aid of daemonsand the transdimensional rip caused by Rhamah to find a Webway portal to Arcadia, the Eldar Planet of Law.

Far worse was the fact that the first person to step forth and accuse the Thousand Sons of ahirman in the malignant and dangerous practice of sorcery was the fellow Astartes he had believed to be his friend within the Space Wolves Legion, the Rune Priest Othere Wyrdmake.

The countersorcery affected them all, preserving less than a hundred of the Legion’s sorcerers and condemning the rest, the Rubricaeto dust.

Raising the skull to his eyes he found the one word he sought etched on the skull’s surface. Deceptikitty rated it it was amazing May 17, To the Eldarhe is the carrion scribe who eats the ahrimman of their dying race for secrets; to the Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus he is the lightning rod which brings a storm of daemons; amongst the servants of Chaos he is a flame of power and trickery as likely to burn those drawn to his light as to illuminate them.

Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. It would not be the last. Charles Hang rated it liked it Dec 21, Davinia rated it really liked it Jan 10, Their brethren were now as they had intended, protected from the “flesh-change,” though they paid for this protection with the destruction of their physical bodies.