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(This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 CAUTION. (This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 Association. AGMA B05 Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gear – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. AGMA B05 Metallurgical.

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Hardness – Listed below are each method and the associated processes which are tested by that method. Magnetic particle inspection of Inspection recommended to the Inspection required to the following finished gearing 7 20 21 22 following limits: Surface cracks7 8 Cracks, bursts, seams and laps are not permissible in functional areas of finished gearing.

Type Fine Thick A sulfide 2. The ability to fully characterize the geometric and chemical characteristics of micro and macro oxide inclusion populations using automated image analysis SEM allows the steelmaker to understand how practices employed in the melting and teaming pouring and solidification of the steel affect oxide cleanness.

Decarburization is indicated by a lower converted hardness for the lighter load compared to that from the heavier load, presuming that proper hardness testing techniques were used for both sets of tests. Early in the running of this gear, the bending stresses, combined with the inclusion, were large enough to result in a stress intensity that exceeded the threshold, Kth, hence allowing a fatigue crack to initiate at the inclusion.

This edition of the information sheet, AGMA B05, incorporates changes to item 8, microstructure, of table 1, Metallurgical characteristics for through hardened gearing. Figure 14 – Variations in hardening pattern obtainable on gear teeth with flame or induction hardening 5. A representative test coupon may contain a tooth form that will be used to verify the heat treat process. Individual customers and manufacturers may have specific modifications to the metallurgical grade requirements or special material and processing conditions that are not covered in these tables.

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Already Subscribed to this document. Carbide precipitation in the Continuous carbide case. Other mechanical testing is required only if specified. The Ultrapremium practice for its strand cast process path is under development.

Stringers of continuous or intermittent oxide particles see Figure 2upper-right are recorded as macro inclusions, and geometry is recorded as individual stringer lengths and widths. The significance and interpretation of those results needs to be agreed upon between the parties.

It is not the intent of this document that all requirements for metallurgical quality grade be certified, but that practices and procedures be established for their compliance on a production basis.

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Figure 14 Type A contour pattern only shall be specified. Material reduction ratio Not specified. However, this method does not provide inclusion metrics that are relevant to gear design, and it cannot provide the statistically robust data needed to predict gear performance. Micro inclusions at the surface of a gear can be directly considered from these data, while doing so for stringers would require that the gear be machined from bar stock such that all stressed surfaces are along the original longitudinal plane to be directly considered.

The bending strength of gear teeth related to their resistance to gear tooth bending failure.

The distance from the finished tooth surface to a specific sub–surface hardness ag,a. Reduction of Not specified. A minimum hardenability which is appropriate for part size and quench severity should be specified.

Individual or isolated globular oxide particles see Figure 2lower-left are recorded as micro inclusions, and their geometry is reported by square root area. Non–metallic inclusions Not specified.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

Sound metallurgical practice dictates that the core microstructure requirements are maintained in the tooth area to a depth twice the minimum specified effective case depth or 0. Intergranular oxides – In the unetched condition, see metallography and figure 9.


At the time of initial development, the editions shown were valid. It is recognized that the effective case depth of carburize and hardened gear teeth varies with location on the gear tooth. The representative test coupon, when positioned in a heat treat load in the same general area but separate from the piece part, is intended to represent the metallurgy of the heat treated tooth section. Test disks or plates may be used whose minimum thickness is 70 percent of the appropriate test bar diameter.

Refer to the applicable gear rating standards agmma specific gear ratings. An alternative location is given by ISOtable 4, item 8.

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Rejection of piece parts shall only be based on case hardness. The minimum acceptable requirements for each factor for metallurgical quality Grades 1, 2 and 3 are specified.

Adsorption of nascent nitrogen produces case hardening without quenching. Surface hardness in tooth area. This process is repeated for each stringer inclusion type A, B, C.

This capability then facilitates the systematic study and optimization of steelmaking practices to minimize oxide inclusion population density.

Table 1 – Metallurgical characteristics for through hardened gearing Item Characteristic1 2 1 Material chemistry 2 3 4 Grain size Hardenability Grade 1 Not specified verified. Falk Corporation Xtek, Inc. Effective case depth minimum Not specified. A series of multipliers is generated based on the number of size ranges selected. These techniques are also well-suited for incorporation into gear computational analysis tools in order to make predictions. Reduction of hard- Not specified.