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Low Voltage Reset 1. When subroutine call is executed or an interrupt occurrence is accepted, the add009 of stack point is updated automatically. Status Register P The 8-bit status register contains the interrupt mask and 6 flags representative of the result of the instruction just executed.

The buyer is responsible for all the shipping cost incurred. It operates over a wide voltage range of 2.

Of course, if the time data that ad090 to be record is bigger than the biggest data that this register can be loaded, the overflows of the Timer A should be count inclusively. These reset sources can be concluded as external events and internal events.

BPL aa 10 2 2 C X Transfer X-register to sp: Timer A mode setting For details ,please contact us or Clink US. And it has been illustrated in timer instruction. Port D Port D is a 6-bit programmable bi-directional port. Then enable Timer B and select Timer A carrier signal as its input clock. Timer B High byte 4-bit pre-value for the counter. OTP Program power supply. The following table shows the summary of the control registers. The power and GND connect lines between these device should be short and wide as possible, the width keep more than 1mm is better.


Contact Supplier Start Order. Timer A must generate carry clock at first, which is same as normal PWM generation. This register indicates the address of next instruction to be executed. Y Store X-register in memory M? When TimerA is started, the value of high-byte low-nibble register and low-byte register would firstly be loaded into the bit counter and then the counter starts to count up from the loaded value.

Wireless Remote ControlSelf- copy type remote control manualWireless remote control is a copy of a new self-learning remote control, it can put another encoding remote controlThis simply copied t Fasten your seat belt and become a pilot as you learn about shapes with this fun filled toy!

Stresses beyond those given in the Absolute Maximum Rating table may cause operational errors or damage to the device. China lcd component China bag components China electronic components. If an overflow occurs, the value of pre-value The internal carrier signal is register would be reloaded into the counter automatically and the counter starts to count down again.

PWM output in no carrier signal mode with driver current programmable? When Timer A is started, the value of 8-bit cycle width frequency set register would firstly be loaded into the 8-bit counter and the value of 8-bit high pulse width duty set register would be loaded into the compare unit. A detailed instruction description will be discussed in ad090 manual. LVR enable or disable option.

AD009-03 AD009-03T SOP-16

Some of the control registers contain control and status ax009 for peripheral module such as Timer unit, Interrupt control unit, etc. Timer A 8-bit pre-value for the counter. Overflow flag bit This flag indicates whether the overflow has occurred in arithmetic operation.


Its RAM consists of bytes including Stack. BNE aa D0 2 2 C If next rising or falling-edge arrive, the value 0xFFF Envelop with carrier is on or off only when Timer B overflow events occur one by one. We usually ship ad009 Global express company: The detailed configuration register setting of device has been given in Section 5. Using an Etekcity self-learning out For normal operational 6.

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What is the shipping port? Programmer can use the Zero flag This flag indicates the result of a data or arithmetic operation. Some of bits in control register are read only. Our company as as professionla Electronic wholesaler for several years fast developing have already.

The CPU has two operation modes; binary mode and decimal mode for arithmetic operation. China wifi component China television component China appliance components ltd.

Remote control AD009-03 SO-16 AD009-03 (5pcs/lot) Quality assurance

We offer all parts are new and original. And then the counter starts count down from the loaded value.

Timer A carrier signal period frequency value for the PWM. We specialize in selling the new and unsued,original factory sealed packing electronics components.

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And Timer Ax009 register must be written in the right data, which represents the carry number. If next rising or falling-edge arrive, the value 1. Figure Two types of clock sources 5.