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Lego Technic 9 Liftarme 1x3x1, in lime aus That is the source of power to the rear attachment. I paid about Euro for my in great condition with box. Vienna Fri Dec 07, Size comparison with, Every set should have it’s own. A 16T gear on the input axle gives a 2: Lego Elgo Dine Buggy. As always, I’m uploading the source images Brickshelf. Register a new account. The steering is very smooth, and the engine moves at a reasonable rate. Posted September 15, I have such a good memories with this set.

LEGO Dune Buggy / Tractor Instructions , Technic

The warning light on top doesn’t serve as a HOG in this model. Berlin Thu Nov 15, Check out the FAQ for more information on what our tool has to offer: EUR 1,00 1 Gebot.


This set uses tires, which was also used in kego years 4 x 4 crawler, and EUR 47,00 0 Gebote. About the same as the Log loader. It’s big size, combined with the genuine feel of the functions makes it, in my opinion, the best Technic tractor there is.

LEGO Technic 8284 Dune Buggy Tractor

Thanks, Its fun to do also. This rack is placed on top.

Some flex axles suggests the windshield. Vienna Wed Nov 14, EUR 2,50 3 Gebote. Vienna Sun Nov 18, Lastly, the spinner blades are made of Umbrella Stands and thin liftarms.

I would like to see a pinned topic at the top of the page where all the pictorial reviews would be collected.

Vienna Wed Nov 28, Sign in Already have an account? Vote on the poll, and feel free to comment and ask anything. This 16T clutched wheel provides input to the fake engine without interfering with the steering axle.

Lego – Technic – Alles über Lego – Technic Modelle und mehr

London Tue Nov 20, Vienna Sun Nov 25, Next the front weights thanks hoeijmade of thin liftarms. Not bad for pieces. Vienna Wed Dec 12, Your reviews are very informitive, and I agree we need more like this. Posted September 15, edited. Paris Thu Nov 15, The gear selector which turns the cutter on or off.


Vienna Mon Nov 19, The only cons I see about this set is the absence of a working steering wheel, and some form of doors for the cabin. EuroBricks reviews of Technic sets are also a rariety, something I’d like to change.

Instructions For LEGO 8284 Dune Buggy / Tractor

Official pictures can be found pretty much anywhere, it’s the pictures from the build that are interesting. Sign In Sign Up.

Lego 4 Liftarme 2×4 L-Form, in lime aus Note the 10 axle protruding from the universal joint. I have such a good memories with this set It was my first time in a Lego store, and I bought this one together with the Technic Combine Harvester. If you look closely, you can spot the driving ring underneath it. Lego Technic 2 Liftarme 1x15x1, in lime elgo