Komilla Sutton: Vedic Astrology. Planets Debilitated (SUN, VENUS) by Transit 2/2: Komilla Sutton Vedic Astrology – Duration: 10 minutes. views; 3. Komilla Sutton, Brentwood, California. K likes. , The Essentials of Vedic Astrology [Komilla Sutton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vedic astrology arises out of ancient cosmology and is.

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Therefore I feel that sometimes you can look at the western chart for psychological factors, personality issues and the Vedic chart for the more practical, pragmatic approach and for karmic and spiritual links. Also, my ninth house ruler Mars is placed in the 5th house of astrology. Sktton famous people, where I make predictions – there was a prediction I wrote about Tim Henman, which seems to have come quite true.

Part of jyotish is understanding the great importance of the astrologer. This movement of Saturn was suggesting major negativity for her. When you look at the ancient literature, there are lots of different configurations which will indicate different things. But we still have – like a law, like the structure of a country – the birthchart, so we have limitations. For suhton, my western chart is strongly fiery sutotn I have five planets in Leo, Aries rising – Moon in Libra to balance it.

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I am not a Hindu, I was born a Sikh. The multi-ethnic place which Britain is now becoming, India has always been – every ten miles there is a different belief system. But the moment I started on astrology, I just felt as though whatever knowledge I’ve ever learned, I just stored it and Ketu opened up my mind and gave me the ability to think deeply on the subject of astrology.


The two things we know are going to be true. Then Saturn will conjunct Mars on the exact degree of her Mars her ascendant rule on 2nd April Knowing that she was going through a difficult time gave Manju strength as she could see that there was a reason for her difficulties.

Because it doesn’t become any easier.

Skyscript: Interview with Komilla Sutton recorded by Garry Phillipson

I suggested a yellow Sapphire, the stone for Jupiter. A limitation is for a specific reason; it wants you to focus on a different direction. Ketu deals with Astrology in Vedic Astrology. It is used to look at the future direction of life. One of the problems with komulla the two together is that they are very different principles.

So you have a particular chart that you are born with, but then you have to be able to improve it and make differences. The Sun sign and the Moon is used as a separate ascendant i.

Because we look at whole signs in suton Rasi or main chart, the Navamsha actually gives it the depth.

So that is what I believe being a religious person, or a spiritual person, is – having a belief system. We were learning about our own Indian roots again, but still had a major western influence. And it’s only kpmilla culmination komila one aspect. This is where unhappiness happens in many ways – it is not accepting your own focus.

So, working for the poor, or giving your time, your own energy. To really take advantage of this, you need to buy good quality gems. We have what is known as ‘remedial measures’. One of the things about a Vedic astrologer is that part of suttton knowledge is connected to the past life, also connected to much more practical issues.

I don’t remember any prediction I make. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

My Vedic chart of course turns it all into water – but both parts of my personality are true. Then I was married to an English person, hence I have an English surname. When you are able to work your mind around an issue, there is no problem. Relationships, children, career, just about everything. I suppose it’s just doing a lot of charts; the more you look at charts, the more you are able to see the issues and the problems.


Everybody can make a mistake. Manju was going through her Venus Dasha and Saturn sub dasha till 7th February and from then her sub dasha changed to Mercury. In Suttoon astrology you have specific positioning of charts.

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I’m Sikh, and we believe in knowledge. He also pays komill to the configuration of stars on a particular zutton. All these are very much part of a chart -no chart is looked at without looking at the navamsha. This is like elections but the way they are worked out is different. Even if you get a rotten astrologer, you don’t mistrust it! There can be many difficulties to be faced, adjustments to be made in life as we move towards one level of spiritual growth into the second level. If his mind is not right he will not be able to give the best advise.

Everybody accepts ko,illa astrologer the jyotishi as having their own place, almost everybody knows about lots of Jyotish’s laws, and all the mythological gods are part of our daily life.