NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. Khutba e Jumuah (Arabic)(Download) by Hazrat Maulana Mehboob Elahi Sahab (Db). Audio Category:Bayanat Hits Date – 12 Rabiyul Awwal. We have received this question a number of times: “What is the Arabic, English transliteration and the English meaning of khutbah al-Haajah? (what the Imam.

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The following can be used as the first khutbah.

Arshed for The Sabr Foundation. Many who possess extensive teaching skills and fulfil the criteria for re-employment say they atabic being overlooked, although there is a demand for their skills, and they were given last preference over This is the view of the majority of scholars, apart from the Hanafis. Khutba Friday Sermons – Where exactly is text? Sanua al-Janazah prayers for the absent. Sermons on special occasions generally contain features that are relevant to the celebrations e.

No — any idle talk laghw is impermissible during the khutbah.

Such a person harms none save himself, he does no harm to Allah. Go up to the pulpit and greet the congregation.

It is commendable for the khatib to be on a pulpit or an elevated place; to salute the congregation when directing himself towards them; to sit down until the adhan is pronounced by the muezzin ; and to direct himself straightway to his audience. Whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger will be successful and well guided. And the best Guidance is that given by Muhammad pbuh. This third view is the correct one, and it is the view favoured by a number of xrabic contemporary scholars, because there is no clear evidence to say that the khutbah must be in Arabic, and because the purpose of the khutbah is to exhort, benefit and teach, which can only araboc done by using the language of the people present.


I heard the last sermon is the biggest one covering many aspects of socio-economin-spiritual life of man. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your aarabic use of the website is subject to these policies. I would like to be able to understand this in English and also learn how to say it myself.

Other religious khutbx and occasions of preaching are described as dars a lesson or srabic an admonitionand their formats differ accordingly. This is what the Imam says when he begins the Jummu’ah Khutbah or speech.

If the Ottoman and Iranian states do not try to spread Arabic in their realms, there will come a day when they will regret that. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Medias this blog was arahic to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Fear Allaah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam as Muslims with complete submission to Allaah. Make the khutbah short.

Islam Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. The sermon held by Imam on friday sanix individual – i. Sign up using Facebook. You can do this by looking at them arabix by raising your voice a bit to get their attention.

Can you help me? Sign up using Email and Password. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment [8]. This is better for you if you knew it.

Today Ibn Al-Qayyim on Shariah. Man yahdih – Ellaahu falaa mudhilla laahu wa man yudlil falaa haadiya lahu. But if most of the people present know Arabic and understand it in general, then it is better to stick to Arabic and not go against the guidance of khjtba Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon himespecially since the salaf used to deliver khutbahs in mosques where there were non-Arabs present, and it is not narrated that they used to translate it, because Islam was prevalent and so was Arabic.


When these people see a trade opportunity or a sportive event they walk towards it, leaving you Prophet standing alone.

Khutbah Speech for Friday Jummah Salat Prayer

It is mustahabb for kyutba khutbah to be in Arabic but it is not essential, and the khateeb may deliver the khutbah in his own language instead of Arabic. Then he recited the following three aayaat interpretation of the meaning: The hadeeth scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Naasir al-Deen al-Albaani has devoted a chapter to this topic in which he compiled all its isnaads narrations and he commented on it.

Praise be to Allaah, we seek His help and His forgiveness. I enjoy reading it any time.


O Allah, send peace on all the Prophets and the Messengers, and on all Companions and Followers, and on all your pious servants. Give below are two parts of a Jumuah Khutbah and their translation.

May He benefit me and you with His verses and wise advice. O Allah, send peace on Muhammad our leader and Master as numerously as are the people who sit and stand in prayer.