My new booklet called How to Change the World is now available on NL into the 3rd most popular Agile blog in the world. .. Jurgen Appelo. to be part. Fortunately, Jurgen Appelo has written this helpful handbook on how to make change happen in our emerging world. It’s about sparking change that. How to Change the World has ratings and 53 reviews. Jurgen Appelo wrote this 90 pages booklet as a little guide for change managers. In How to.

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As a serial founder, successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, I am pioneering management to help creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. Related articles Episode Quick and funny reading, serving as a short reference guide to those practices. Depending on the expectations, those pros might be the cons as well: But they are different from innovators in one critical respect: It is the first new topic that I am publishing after the release cnange my Management 3.

Jurgen Appelo wrote this 90 pages booklet as a little guide for change managers. This is a small book 70 pages which jjurgen easy to read. I see it as a toolbox, packed with wisdom and questions that can light up darker paths.

What’s your opinion on Scrum books? Like good innovations, Jurgen recommends to improve the good ideas and adapt then to your needs. Digging from his own experience as chxnge entrepreneur failing for 15 years and finally successful and social network meetings like the Stoos Network Januaryand the Agile Lean Europe Network, the guide is meant to tickle your brains to take small steps and make changes doable.

How to Change the World (download the book!)

Mostly a reference book. I got mine already. Thinking in Systems e Management 3. Want to Read saving…. An easy to read intro to change management theory.


They are smarter than average, and tend to be open to new ideas. I stumbled across this booklet because i could lend it for free on Amazon and i was looking for a refresher on that topic. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Congratulations to the author!

How to Change the World (download the book!) –

Avances en la lectura de chaneg primer libro “How to Change the World” 11 15 Apr 30, The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling…. My rate is not so high because I had already read “Fearless change” in the past, which personally, I find much more interesting if you want more concrete ideas to be put in practice indeed it is mentioned several times in the book.

I didn’t get much new from it, but enjoyed anyhow. Accept that the organization is what it is, How do I deal with my crappy organization?

Feb 04, Flavius rated it really liked it Shelves: How to Change the World download the book!

How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0

The good-old Plan-Do-Check-Act model a. Quotes from How to Change the Jul 22, Roman Kohoutek rated it really liked it. It is like a guide or a compass to help you. Posted in Change Management.

How to Change the World: Change Management by Jurgen Appelo

And Jurgen is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk tl business seminars and conferences around the world. Purchased and downloaded it right away, looking forward to read it.

Dec 08, Geert rated it really liked it.

This book is a great quick read that covers a number of existing works remixed into something tangible and immediate. It’s a great start, and may be all you need to effect the change you want, but if you’re serious about organizational change, think about this as a survey course, and not the end of your reading.


A refreshing short read. It’s no waste of time to read about these models from another perspective, especially with Jurgen’s brief and sometimes quite humorous appslo. There were more than…. Recomendo fortemente a gestores e lideres que o leiam.

Showing the Plan Do Check Act PDCA model, highlighting the importance of the people in the chahge, giving a model to stimulate the flow of ideas and detailing changs how go about changing the environment are laid out in this brief work on how to set up This book is a great quick read that covers a number of existing works remixed into something tangible and immediate.

Posted in Management 3. He is the author of the book Management 3. cbange

The book’s small size makes it likely you will keep it within close reach for quick reference but at the same time means some of the content won’t be properly understood without further research. And yes, most of the people reviewing this book are quite right: These important people represent about A wonderful approach to the complex problem of change management full of practical examples and references that will help change agents to start “climbing the Everest”.

Full of references to additional material for change agents that need to advance on those topics. Leading Agile Developers with Jurgen Appelo. The easy style, as well as the many examples given, given or to scan the bibliography for more reading In this direction.

Changing organizations is hard work.