John G. Hoefle serves as a Secretary of Vitran Express, Inc. Mr. Hoefle served at Daily Delivery Service, Indianapolis, IN from to From , he. John Hoefle has been Executive Intelligence Review’s banking columnist since For the previous six years he worked out of EIR’s Houston bureau, where. View the profiles of people named John Hoefle. Join Facebook to connect with John Hoefle and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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Guest, John Hoefle on BBS Radio

Paul Gallagher Part 1: A series of eight locks and dams are used to maintain navigability. Look at the relationship between the decline in manufacturing jobs, population and the poverty rate in 15 industrial cities in Ohio and Pennsylvania over the past three decades Figure Mohn were also plans on the drawing boards for desalination of water, turning seawater into potable water.

The truth is significantly worse. Contributions and memberships are not tax-deductible.

John Hoefle & Amy Coombs Wedding Day

Over the 15 years ended insome 1. As you can see, much of the irrigation is in the West, where the land is dry and irrigation is needed to grow crops. Overall, over 18 million acres of farmland were taken out of agricultural service between and joun That might be unpleasant, but so what?

Starting with the Environmental Policy Act ofand the Water Bank Act noefle Earth Day inthe concept of land management has been replaced with the romantic idea that the land should be free from human interference, and that the rivers should be free to flow as they wish, unencumbered by dams and flood-control measures.


What will happen when these farmers retire? The Ohio River begins in Pittsburgh, at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, and ends miles downstream at Cairo, Ill. It is a lesson in physical economy. Audio Windows Media Video.

President Dwight Eisenhower said in that “Experts would be mobilized to apply atomic energy to the needs of agriculture, medicine and other peaceful activities One day, unusually heavy rains hit the area and the lake began to rise. The per capital numbers would be even worse. Department of the Interior had an Office of Saline Water, but it was shut down. Given that this is the fastest-growing region of the country, these water shortages will only worsen.

Schiller Institute Labor Day Conference Economics Panel

To minimize disruption to an already joohn transportation system, the Corps issued notices and waited until August to shut the lock down and repair the main gate. With no redundancy, shutting down the McAlpine lock effectively meant shutting down the entire Ohio River system to through traffic.

Just as we turned back the clock in energy policy, we are doing the same in agriculture policy. We’ve lost some 2. Coal also accounts for half of the freight on jjohn Ohio River. Lock and Dam Number One on the Ohio River was opened at Emsworth just downstream from Pittsburgh inreplacing the original wicket dam completed in At the end of the 20th Century, some 50 million acres, out of a total agriculture land use base of some million, were irrigated.

Biography of Friedrich Schiller. Take steel, or example.

hoefe We went to a lot of trouble to drain these swamps and make the land productive, but now we’re reversing course. O n May 31,the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was destroyed by a flood, killing 2, people Figure 1.


Ina shortage of rail capacity emerged on the Gulf Hoefel and spread nationwide duringin what an official of the Society of the Plastics Industry called “a multi-billion-dollar national disaster and the worst rail crisis of this century. Faced with that prospect, large numbers of nuclear reactors were planned. Writings of Other Great Thinkers.

This is officially called “floodplain restoration,” but it is actually swamp-building. The Transportation Grid Now we turn our attention to jogn transportation grid, with its own set of disasters. The dam was owned by the South Hoegle Hunting and Fishing Club, which was the playground of the wealthy and powerful Mellon family of nearby Pittsburgh.

It leaves out vital projects such as golf courses, which consume large amounts of water. Click to get PDF version with Graphics. This is real economics, and it is a frightening picture.

We have become a nation of consumers, rather than producers.

Marcia [Merry-Baker] showed the dramatic growth of railroad coverage in the 50 years between and see p. The significance of this event, which occurred Aug. We are now back below the levels of the s. Education, Science and Poetry. The Southern Nevada Water Authority is already paying residents not to grow lawns, and Las Vegas will likely declare an official water emergency by the end of the year. Johnstown was a thriving steel town of 30, located at the junction of the Stony Creek and Little Conemaugh Rivers.