View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III technical reference manual online. GlobeSurfer III Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III user manual online. Gateway. GlobeSurfer III Gateway pdf manual download. Welcome to the GlobeSurfer® III, your 3G wireless gateway router that connects you to the internet, allows you to make and For the newest firmware ver-.

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Click on New Entry – this routes to the Edit Item screen see section 8. Enter text from picture: DC 5V Input socket: Moreover, restrictions can be applied to a comprehensive and automatically updated table of sites to which access is not recommended.

Press the Refresh button to refresh the screen manually. Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the previous screen. Scheduler rules are used for limiting the activation of settings, such as firewall rules, to specific time periods, specified in days of the week, and hours.

Staying up to date with the latest firmware is a good idea to keep your router even more secure from various security flaws. Although all security precautions were taken during the creation of this reference manual, Option is not liable toward persons hlobesurfer organizations for losses or damages caused either directly or indirectly due to instructions contained in this reference manual.


Click on the Upgrade hyperlink in the top right hand corner to upgrade. A bus essentially allows different parts of the system to share data.

The following fields should be entered: From this screen you can click on the globesurfee at the golbesurfer left hand side to route to the following detailed screens: A group of computers and other devices dispersed over a relatively limited area for example, a building and connected by a communications link that enables any device to interact with any other on the network.

Questions and answers can be found on our Support web-site: To learn more about your gateway’s security features, please refer to section 8.


If the private key is encrypted using a password, type it in the password entry otherwise leave the entry empty and press Load to load the certificate.

Press the Close globesuefer to go to the Home screen. By clicking Clear Log you will erase the history of outgoing calls.


These settings can be changed but note that you should disconnect before doing any changes to the SIM setup. Sim Pin Enable Wireless The wireless access point settings are: Firewall status changed – the firewall changed status from up to down or the other way around, as specified in the event type description.

The following are the available event types that can be recorded in the firewall log: When selecting an object type from the drop down list, the screen will refresh, presenting the appropriate fields to enter for that object type.

Routing Mode When Advanced routing is selected, select one of the following Routing modes: This means that future packets from this IP address will be routed through the device from which the reply arrived.

Internet Protocol – please note that according to the selection you make in the Internet Protocol drop down list, the screen will refresh and display relevant configuration settings.

By setting port triggering rules, you can allow inbound traffic to arrive at a specific LAN host, using ports different than those used for the outbound traffic. You may add new protocols to support new applications or edit existing ones according to your needs. Name Type Size Date User manual safety statements click to download pdf Page 76 The following are the available event types that can be recorded in the firewall log: This is a specification for connecting users on an Ethernet network to the Internet by using a broadband connection typically through a DSL modem.

Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the Home screen. Dynamic routing automatically adjusts how packets travel on the network, whereas static routing specifies a fixed routing path to neighbouring destinations. The maximum is minutes 24 hours. Edit Item This screen allows the editing of network object types. This screen allows the customization of the IPSec log, by allowing the user to choose what data is recorded.

  JIS B 7502 PDF

Option Audio GlobeSurfer III User Manual

Overview This screen provides an overview of the wireless network. Authentication Method Select the authentication method you would like to use.

The following fields are displayed: When the time has expired the login screen will appear again.

It is recommended not to change the default values in this screen iiii you are familiar with the networking concepts they represent. Leave this feature disabled unless you encounter severe communication difficulties between the gateway and Wireless-G products. You can use GlobeSurfer III to make phone calls, surf the Internet and use e-mail just as if your computer is always connected.

The firewall regulates the flow of data between the home network and the Internet. You can choose to setup your gateway to use static or dynamic routing.

GlobeSurfer III Firmwares Staying up to date with the latest firmware is a good idea to keep your router even more secure from various security flaws. User Defined — this routes gpobesurfer the Edit Network Object screen see section 8. Page 41 network devices. The principles outlined in this section apply to all tables in the management console. Hard reset instructions for Option GlobeSurfer III If your GlobeSurfer III router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset mnual the router to see if the problems persist.

Leave the unit on so that you can connect to mabual Internet at the push of a button, or automatically if that option is selected.