Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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A couple things annoyed me in his writing. Slowly, she realizes that her role is not as clear-cut as she originally thought, which leads her to question, and then struggle against the program.


The tech in “Glasshouse” is derivative of the tech at the end of “Accelerando” and the absences Aineko, the Vile Offspring, etcetera I always interpreted as collateral, or even the purpose, of the Censorship Wars. I mean I understand the surface-plot nicely, but the whole thing just leaves me at a head-scratching “wh.

And they were hanging people for the crime of atheism as late as the first decade of the 18th century. When I first realized that the narrative implied these questions, I had to wonder if in attending to them I might not be reading more into the novel than was actually there. Okay, that might sound fun to some in a challenging sort of way, but I always like my sci-fi to welcome me, rather than try to baffle me at the outset with made-up jargon.

The pages turn quickly enough, and you could do worse for a plane trip or day at the beach, but you could also do a whole lot better. But these were mopped-up one-by-one, and the galaxy returned to a semblance of normality with the firewalled polities building “clean” A-gates to carefully re-integrate. I feel exactly the opposite. As I said, a little strange and not for everyone, but well written.

However, this is not a derivative novel, the sum of the different influences make for a very original book which is mind blowing, thought provoking and even poignant at times.

Strange Horizons – Glasshouse by Charles Stross By L. Timmel Duchamp

No compare it to the the footage and documentation of Jesus Christ. There are some clues up srtoss, but still, a plea to help the feebleminded: In the worst case, their work will be ignored, which is bad for them. Here in the UK the principle source of In Home Entertainment in the s was much as it had been for decades and that was the Radio I loved their ideas about “Urth”.


He has glasshouse quietly confident opinion and it makes sense.

Crib Sheet: Glasshouse – Charlie’s Diary

A gglasshouse sick piece of work though. And to make any questioning of those somewhat anathema. Stross does it very well. I think that you will find it instructive that it was so very popular. Following the broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation inthe number of television sets had grown spectacularly in homes up and down the country.

Or just write to him and ask. That srross what I am seeking.

All of this piled on top of the Radio Programming Shaping the Future —a talk I gave on the social implications of Moore’s Law. I don’t know Charles Stross, but I couldn’t help but get the impression that he was rubbing his hands together gleefully while writing this book, imagining the Tiptree award he was bound to win.

I agree that there is very little attempt to engage in questioning the heterosexual standards. The Varley links were not immediately apparent, but once you pointed them out, I see them easily. Glasshouze 02, Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: The visible key to most of these privileges is the individual’s access to “A-gates” or “assemblers” and “T-gates” SFnal gimmicks reminiscent of Star Trek “replicator” glasshouuse “transporter” technology, except that Stross’s narrator gratuitously provides a plausible explanation.

To you, the process is instantaneous. And when, a few paragraphs into the scene, Jen—the bosses’ perfect tool—plays the role of the ambitious woman-on-the-make straight out of a Hollywood productionI felt certain of it. How could this book possibly go wrong?

I doubt if the signal will be any less clear going forward because of the proliferation of cultural noise. That brain-fogging experience suckedand took a long time dtross get over.

In the meantime, I have had such a glssshouse relationships with Charles Stross books, in that I have often wanted to like them more than I actually have. And then, he evolved. Barnett Stross was not, as far as we know, a communist spy — any more than his boss Harold Wilson was.

It drops you without warning into a world far different from the one you live in, but where some basics are constant: Charles Stross communicates his concepts, his ideas and his characters so well. All they know about the game they’ve been thrust into is the farrago of nonsense they are told about “the Dark Age,” viz.


Even though it’s got big, complex SF ideas in glassouse, most of it could be done on a budget of any non-genre show.

But I’d sure love to see something in that world again– though it would seem difficult to me to replicate the delightful mystery-scifi fusion that you produced for the plot of Glasshouse. This was generally a quite fun “fight the power” yarn the experimenters are up to no good, surprise surprise.

Alas, I don’t knock out novels in three weeks very often—it’s a once or twice a decade thing, and leaves me wrung out like a dish-rag. Blogs, on the internet, in HTMLhave been going for around years at this point. Opening it, he finds that it contains the books published by him from both hard- and soft- copies, natch. These days anyone with a mobile ‘phone can splurge GBytes of video onto Youtube, anyone who can drive a web browser can post their thoughts to a blog, and anyone with even a fairly modest computer can release an album.

Publishers ideally would like to lock up that brand and profit thereby; in practice, we don’t let them do that if we can help it. Nov 14, Imperfectlyrua Castle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Less and less had it been able to look away, as its image became more detailed and perfect, especially with the burden of information that became available at the end of stroas twentieth century.

I enjoyed the hints of backstory—the history of the Censorship Wars and the genesis of the very creepy and wonderfully named virus Curious Yellow. I’ve passed the paperback I first bought and read along to a friend. She has been a finalist for the Nebula and Sturgeon awards and short-listed several times for the Tiptree. I loved reading his paperbacks as a teenager, but he rarely went over the pulp level of storytelling.