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Tractor braking distances can be substantially increased by the momentum of the rotating Mower blades driving the Tractor transmission even though the Tractor clutch has been disengaged. edjtable

Wait for all mower rotating motion to stop, then raise the mower and move the tractor and implement off the object. Require that the employee read and fully understand the Tractor and Implement Operator s manual.

Formato Afil 01 Imss Pdf Editable –

Formato Afil 01 Imss Pdf Editable -related keywords – An easy-to-use keyword tool can not only help users get accurate data quickly but also improve productivity efficiently. Blades worn, dull, or bent.

Ensure the gearbox vent is in place and free from clogs. To help prevent structural damage caused dr01 loose hardware, tighten gear case hardware as specified. Esta prohibido almacenar alimentos, bebidas. This model has an FM trap which can be activated through a switch.

Make sure you abide by the following rules: Before operating the Tractor or Implement, an operator on prescription or over-the-counter medication must consult a medical professional regarding any side effects of the medication that would hinder their ability to operate the Equipment safely. Jdan direct object pronouns We usually use Direct Object Pronouns to substitute f it them in a sentence when the it them follows the verb.


Series Models , , PDF

Keep hands and feet from under the mower deck and clear of pinch points between the tractor hitch arms and mower pins. Always stay alert when transporting the tractor and implement on public roads. S3PT Periodically inspect all moving parts for wear and replace when necessary with authorized service parts. To avoid mower damage, retorque all bolts after the first 10 hours of operation.

Excessive trash build-up around Remove trash. The dual tailwheel frame is attached to the frame with the height adjusting plate.

OPS-R Always shut the Tractor completely down, place the transmission in park, and set the parking brake before you or anyone else attempts to connect or disconnect the Implement and Tractor hitches. Make sure the SMV sign is clean and visible from the rear of the unit before transporting the tractor and implement on a public roadway.

Gearbox Overheating Low on lubricant. The following keywords are sorted by the size of search volume, and they are all related to Formato Afil 01 Imss Pdf Editable. When mowing in reverse, operate the tractor and mower at a reduced ground speed to ensure tractor and mower control is maintained.

Test yourself on just these flashcards at first. In addition to the safety messages contained in this manual, safety signs are affixed to the implement and tractor.

Once all mower parts are completely stopped, raise the mower to transport height. Two types of data were recorded by the photograph readers. Run in or change Gears.


Formato Afil 01 Imss Pdf Editable –

Clutch should lip without turning blades. I have explained that Deflectors, Chain Guards, or Solid Skirts must be installed and maintained in good repair. Raise and lower cutter to determine position with greatest distance between PTO shaft and gearbox input shaft.

MANTENGA todos los protectores contra objetos arrojados en su lugar y en buen funcionamiento al operar la cortadora, entre los que se incluyen los deflectores frontales y traseros, los protectores de cadena, los protectores de acero, las bandas, los faldones laterales y las zapatas antideslizantes.

Tractor Horsepower The power required to operate a mower is determined by the tractor PTO horsepower. Adjust your tractor wheel spacing.

Always replace blade bolts and nuts when replacing blades. Cuantas veces fue posible, el helic6ptero realiz6 varios pases fotograficos sobre 10s carddmenes a altitudes de formati y a velocidades de nudos. Chattin has described such estimates formaato accurately as a wild guess plus ten per cent. The mower can then be raised to the maximum lift height. Apply ice to your ankle. Pre-Shift Checklist for Forklifts Before you use any forklift, do a pre-shift inspection so you can find little problems before they become big hazards.

Pictures contained in this section are intended to be used as a visual aid to assist in explaining the operation of a rotary mower. By performing a thorough pre-operation inspection and service, valuable down time and repair cost can be avoided. Warranty information In addition to the standard Limited Warranty shown on the facing page, Bush Hog also provides: Turn off the tractor engine and dismount. Do not operate the Tractor with weak or faulty brakes or worn tires.