Ghassan, Hassan B. (): Test de l’équivalence Ricardienne par la Modélisation SVAR. Published in: Revue de l’Institut National de. Emmanuel Thibault, “L’Equivalence Ricardienne dans les Modèles de Croissance avec Accumulation du Capital”, Revue d’Économie Politique, vol. , hypotheses of rational expectations and Ricardian equivalence can not be anticipations rationnelles et de l’equivalence ricardienne n’est pas rejetee par les .

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In a response to the comments of Feldstein and Buchanan, Barro recognized that uncertainty may play a role in affecting individual ricadienne with respect to government finance. Basil Dalamagas The first step, after transforming all the variables to achieve stationarity, is to determine the own lag length for consumption. The relationship between government expenditures and economic growth ricardiennd Arabia Saudi Kingdom. Ricardian equivalence has been the subject of extensive empirical inquiry.

Sorting out the sample countries according to the debt ratio is a prerequisite for assessing the effects on private spending of the level of indebtedness.

L’Equivalence Ricardienne dans les Modèles de Croissance avec Accumulation du Capital | TSE

InGerald P. The first dummy takes a value of 1 for solvent, high-income countries and zero for the remaining countries ; the second takes a unit value for ricardiennr, high-income countries and zero otherwise ; the third is assigned unit values for intermediate, high-income countries ; the fourth ricarfienne, in a similar fashion, the solvent, low-income countries from the rest and the fifth designates the debt-ridden, low-income countries.

Journal of Monetary Economics.

As most recent studies on consumer behaviour prefer Euler over structural eqkivalence, we are going to follow suit. Journal of Economic Literature Such constraints diminish households’ ability to substitute consumption intertemporally, as is postulated by REH. Thus the equivalence theorem should not be separated from the assumptions on which it is based. Similarly, the same tax burden may affect private consumption in a variety of ways, should it be associated with differing amounts of fiscal deficit.

Therefore, the private and public sectors can be integrated by combining consumer’s and government’s budget constraints. Retrieved 25 May This supports the interpretation that the large budget deficit, financed especially by debt, has been a very important factor behind the significant increase in real interest rates. Their finding [15] is that increases in government deficits is followed by decreases in private saving.

In sum, most previous studies appear to pay no attention to the fact that it is changes in rcardienne ratio of taxes to budget deficit that must be looked upon for detecting negligible Ricardian theorem or remarkable traditional view effects on private spending, as only such changes can capture the crucial link of substituting debt for tax financing.

We avoid imposing formal short run and long run constraints, because this may overestimate the compensation rate and bias the estimation of structural multipliers.

He demonstrated that the creation of public debt depresses savings in a growing economy. The Ricardian equivalence proposition equivalece known as the Ricardo—de Viti—Barro equivalence theorem [1] is an economic hypothesis holding that consumers are forward looking and so internalize the government’s budget constraint when making their consumption decisions. The identification of homogeneous groups of countries, through the cluster analysis, opens the way for a three-group discriminant analysis, in order to The first is an ad hoc approach, in which a structural consumption function is estimated, that relates the level of consumption expenditure to a set of relevant exogenous variables including government outlays, taxes and public debt.


Thus, depending on the specific form of consumer behaviour, the marginal disutility of paying a given amount of tax in the present period may be equal to or much lower than the marginal disutility of creating a debt-financed budget deficit of equal amount by the government which, in turn, equals the marginal disutility of the present value of the stream of taxes, that will be levied in the future, in order to finance the flow of payments to lenders.

European Central Bank Occasional Paper. The empirical analysis in the present study centers on a data set containing 49 countries and running from to Regardless of the particular rciardienne Ricardian or Keynesianwithin which consumption decisions are made, the representative individual may be plausibly assumed to look forward with respect to the fiscal affairs of the government, in the sense that he takes into account the equivakence derived from the provision of public goods and services.

Under these conditions, if governments finance deficits by issuing bonds, the bequests that families grant to their children will be just large enough to offset the higher taxes that will be needed to pay off those bonds. In drawing inferences, however, as to the economic effects of substituting debt for taxes, on the basis of the absolute values of the fiscal instruments, may lead to the loss of valuable information embedded in the ratios of these instruments.

The Theory of New Classical Macroeconomics.

You can help by adding to it. All variables are expressed in real per capita units and are measured in constant dollars1.

Ricardian equivalence

The identification of homogeneous groups of countries, through the equivxlence analysis, opens the way for a three-group discriminant analysis, in order to.

Since bonds are loans, they must eventually be repaid—presumably by raising taxes in the future. A Search for Synthesis in Economic Theory. Ricardian equivalence underlines the importance of fiscal reforms, since such reforms are needed in order to change the path of government expenditures. However as pointed out by Bohn ] if consumers rationally anticipate that the increased government debt will be financed by spending reductions in the future the Ricardian argument does not hold.

Journal of Public Administration 43 4 ricardiehne, Accordingly, formulation of consistent, log-transformed time series for these variables is unfeasible. Basil Dalamagas traint has important repercussions on private savings. This happens especially in cases where: The consideration of dissimilarities in debt ratio and living standards implies that a decision should be reached on which group of countries is likely to differ from the others, in the process of testing REH.


L’Equivalence Ricardienne dans les Modèles de Croissance avec Accumulation du Capital

In such a framework, the equivalence proposition is tested in terms of the sign and magnitude of the parameter estimates of certain key explanatory variables1. The data set for the present study has been constructed from three international sources National Accounts Statistics United Nations for private final consumption expenditure and GNP International Financial Statistics Yearbook IMF for monetary base and deposits and Government Finance Statistics Yearbook IMF for government expenditure on goods and services central government deficit public debt and rax reve nue The asset holdings of the household sector are defined ricardinene the sum of demand depo sits currency time and savings accounts and public debt Data for other wealth items residential structures consumer durables corporate equivalenxe foreign bonds and so on were not available for the majority of the sample countries.

The reality [14] was that the net private saving as a percentage of GNP was 8. In order to exploit the ficardienne power of the time-series, cross-section data, we employed the between-within groups fixed- effects estimator. See for example Dalamagas ] where an explicit rational expectations opti mizing model of consumer behaviour is utilized for sample of six industrialized coun tries Among the major findings of the study is that individuals make meir consumption decisions with without ficardienne to the future tax implications of current expansion in public debt at high low levels of government indebtedness.

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Accordingly, the validity of REH is seriously challenged, while the alternative Keynesian tradition of fiscal policy effectiveness tends equivlaence prevail not only in terms of a short-run rucardienne framework, but also in the context of a long-run government planning, which aims at affecting secular rates of growth in demand and output.

Controlling the real economy is possible perhaps even in a Keynesian style if government regains its potential to exert this control. The interpretation given in the present text is that individuals in solvent coun- This happens especially in cases where:.

This is the latest version of this item. The estimated values of the coefficients on government spending G point to a substantial degree of substitutability between government equivapence private goods, but only for the advanced economies.