Find En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. Damasio has a lot to say about emotions and the structure of the brain, some of it exhaustingly deta. : En busca de Spinoza () by ANTONIO DAMASIO and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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Spinoza is one of the most underrated philosophers in history, and is an important philosopher for neuroscientists. Therefore my emotion cannot be identical to my bodily sensations — for the two have different objects. In the avoidance of unwanted feelings sometimes more emotional damage emanates rather than in accepting feelings as indicators that something ve going on within.

A section that I also enjoyed reading and find applicable to my work as a clinician is that of joy and sorrow. Not once does Damasio refe For a devastating critique of this book see: How to life a good life and how to alleviate ourselves from suffering – aren’t these the things we’re all looking for?

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain

Dec 22, Andrea rated it liked it. Much later, initial studies in brain functioning were pointed at finding specific locations in that organ for the specific processes: Third, Spinoza’s opinions on religion aren’t crystal clear.

For homo sapiens, for example, the world became extremely complex when individuals had to deal with group interaction and social responsibilities.

Emotions at least in animals with more than a rudimentary nervous system exist to motivate an individual to seek things that favor survival and reproduction shelter, food, sexand to avoid threatening things daasio heat or cold, predators, reproductive rivals. Spinoza’s description of this most basic concern can sound almost Darwinian, as, of course, does the neurologist’s. Return to Book Page. An animal’s main evolutionary objective is to be good at survival and reproduction.


I read the book with an open mind yet could not help but think of my clients as their difficulties with feelings, affect, and emotion regulation are relevant to the topic. So far not as good as “Blink” or “Opening Skinner’s Box”. We do often cry because we are sad — even spinoaz the crying can work to augment the feeling. Spinoza could not deliberate on the physiological basis of hum Damasio is a prominent researcher in the field of neurology and has written a series of books describing the achievements in his field to the lay public.

Nonetheless, a difficult but worthwhile read. You may well find the same information more clearly presented elsewhere. Paperbackpages.

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain by António R. Damásio

They seem to form a bridge between the sensory and motor systems. Many interesting and fascinating details of his life and work are presented, but Damasio again tries to shoehorn these ideas into his own overblown model of brain function. Ao mesmo tempo que se abarca. Por isso eu gostei do livro. And it is quite clear that an emotion can shape the course of a person’s actions over time, as when someone stays in bed all day because he feels depressed.

For example, if the brain is built up from emotions to feelings to rational logic, and just as feelings are a more complicated e Not an easy book to go through. Em forma de riso e choro, chamamento, abandono. On the whole, if you have time to spare, you will find some interesting facts here, both about how the brain works and about Spinoza.


Neuroscience-wise, there were new things damasoo me and but especially the latter part of the book, the semi-biographical account of Spinoza was completely unknown to me beforehand. The conceptualizing of the emotional healing process within the framework of a physical injury may also help our clients more holistically integrate and accept their feelings. Por ter sido e por termos acontecido. Los seres humanos poseen varios miles de millones de neuronas y varios billones de conexiones.

Es un trabajo serio y por eso le doy 3. Por mais um dia. He is also in the editorial board of many important journals in the field. Connosco e com os que amamos. Dmasio himself provides a hint as to how this might be done. He was born into a moderately prosperous Jewish family, but eventually renounced both his material and religious heritage.

En Busca De Spinoza

I liked this book but found some parts weary to read. Emotion precedes feelings and when one loses the ability to express an emotion the associated feelings will also be lost.

His second book, The Feeling of What Happens: