This page sourcebook contains everything you need to move your game South o’ the Border! Players can make homegrown Mexican heroes, and Marshals. Legion, the Juaristas, or the stealthy and vicious predators that stalk the border regions by night, and by day. Take it from us—you don’t want to head south o’ the . South o’ the Border is the sourcebook for Mexico for Pinnacle’s Deadlands game. The book begins, like many other Deadlands sourcebooks, with information.

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The mini-plot point campaign deals with a change in the behavior of the Sasquatch and the need to figure out why and fix the situation before things get worse. Ronan finds himself aboard the legendarily haunted Night Train.

I would love to see the Confederate Status and the Union like this and possibly eastern Canada as well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Hours without Sleep I am a professional software tester, who has an interest in programming, computers, role-playing games, history, and reading in general. Log in Remember Me? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I finished reading Deadlands Reloaded: It requires the original Savage Worlds rulebook to use. Adds two new hero classes, as well as new spells, Harrowed powers, gizmos, Edges and Hindrances.

Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1

Ronan finds himself in the town of Hilton Springs, Nevada, which is on brink of destruction by Mojave Rattlers, enormous underground sand worms. A top Agency operative, known only as the Ghost, is kidnapped from Gomorrah, and the posse track him down. You are commenting using your WordPress. Skip to content I finished reading Deadlands Reloaded: Deadlands Dime Novels were works of short fiction, primarily starring undead gunslinger Ronan Lynch, which also included maps and statistics which gamemasters could use to incorporate elements from the story into their game.


The three modules may be played as separate adventures or one after the other.

South O’ The Border Deadlands Pinnacle of | eBay

Information on a conspiracy amongst a number of Deadlands villains, including Black River, the Bayou Vermillion, and the Whateley family. After that we round out each section with a selection of adventure seeds and a selection of region specific monsters. I hope pf all enjoy it too. The Great Rail Wars.

Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1 – Hours without sleep

The posse travel to Truckee Pass in the Sierra Nevadas to borded a missing party, and find themselves falling foul of cannibalistic locals. This is a list of the publications released for the roleplaying game Deadlands: Maps and information on seven minor towns around the Weird West, as well as rules and tools for quickly creating new towns on the fly.

The one thing that I wish we got more information on is the Hudson Bay Company because I can see a posse having run ins with them and that causing all kinds of boredr as they work out who is costing them money and what to do about it. An adventure which sends the players in search of the City of Ghouls in the depths of the Grand Canyon. The Deadlands world was expanded with a post-apocalyptic setting entitled Deadlands: If you’re wondering bordfr to do with a party that’s already been through a bunch of Savage Tales or plot points such as The Flood, then look no further.


Maps and information for setting adventures in the town of Gomorrah, California, a tie-in with the Deadlands: Ronan must ally with a pack of werewolves against a common foe in an official crossover with White Wolf’s Werewolf: The following are the rulebooks and expansions published for the game.

Boxed set including maps and rulebooks for setting adventures in New Orleans or on a Mississippi riverboat, as well as dealdands adventure and rules for voodoo. What we get for this region is a brewing civil war between three factions and a hidden group of natives that are consorting with terrible powers to reclaim their lands. Log in Forgotten Your O In they began publishing Savage Worlds rulebooks for the Souuth on Earth setting as well. Email required Address never made public. InWizards of the Coastproduced a set of Deadlands rulebooks using their d20 system.

A sequel to the classic Deadlands adventure Night Train. Information, maps and adventure ideas for locations in Mexico, including several Savage Tales and a mini Plot Point campaign.

Each of these books follows the same pattern starting with an in-game travel guide from daedlands Tombstone Epitaph that contains the known rumors and goings on for the region including story hooks for adventures discussed in later sections of the book.

Time to go South o’ the Border with Deadlands.