Department: Computer Science and Engineering Subject Code/Name: CS – Theory of Computation Document Type: Question Bank Website: niceindia. Theory of Computation Anna university Question paper Month/year Subject Download link May / June QP: TOC. Anna University B E /B Tech Examination May/June Department of CSE Fifth Semester CS Theory of Computation Question paper.

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There is a unique transition on each input symbol. What is a regular expression? Context Free Grammar And Languages: Discrete structures as they apply to computer science, algorithm analysis and design. Topics which will be studied include: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. P 1 is true. Topics include abstract data types, lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs. CS Discrete Structures I Introduces topics in discrete mathematics important in Computer Science, including propositional logic, predicate logic, proofs, sigma notation, mathematical induction, elementary set theory and asymptotic analysis.

Correctness proofs for both recursive and iterative program constructions.

CS Theory of Computation April/May

Simple methods of complexity analysis. What are the applications of automata theory? Define proof by contrapositive: Finite automata and formal language theory.

A selection of topics chosen from sorting, memory management, graphs and graph algorithms. Context-free languages, derivation trees, normal form grammars, pumping lemma, pushdown automata, cs1303-theoyr. This course includes recursion, abstract data types and selected topics exploring some of the breadth of computer science.

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Implementation aspects are addressed during unsupervised lab work. Sets, functions, sequences, and relations. What is the language generated by CFG or G? CS Data Structures Covers mathematical and experimental techniques for algorithm analysis and their application to the major techniques for representing and manipulating data structures in main memory. Finite automata with output. Topics include elementary number theory gcd, lcm, Euclidean algorithm, congruences, Chinese remainder theorem and graph theory connectedness, complete, regular and bipartite graphs; trees and spanning trees, Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs, planar graphs; vertex, face and edge colouring; chromatic polynomials.

CPSC Basic Algorithms and Data Structures Design and analysis of basic algorithms and data structures; algorithm analysis methods, searching and sorting algorithms, basic data structures, graphs and concurrency.

Topics discussed include iterative and recursive sorting algorithms; lists, stacks, queues, trees, and their application; abstract data types and their implementations. Formal proof systems for propositional and predicate logic.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply How to add comment: Formal languages, including regular, context-free, and recursive languages, Computer Science Design computagion Analysis of Algorithms I Techniques for the analysis of algorithms, including og, summation, recurrences, and asymptotic relations; techniques for the design of efficient algorithms, including greedy methods, divide and conquerand dynamic programming; examples of their application; an introduction to tractable and intractable problems.

Computer Science Introduction to Computability An introduction to abstract models of sequential computation, including finite automata, regular expressions, context-free grammars, and Turing machines.


The third column is the number of programs that additionally require a cs1303-theoyr in logic. A deductive proof consists of a sequence of statements, which starts from a hypothesis, or a given statement to a conclusion. This was counted as a theory course if all the choices were theory by our definition, e.

A regular expression is a string that describes the whole set of strings according to certain syntax rules.

CS1303 Theory of Computation B.E Question Bank : niceindia.com

A lexical analyzer scans the symbols of a program to locate strings corresponding to identifiers, constants etc, and it has to remember limited amount of information. Strassen’s methodNP-completeness.

Introduction to algorithm analysis and complexity theory. B-trees, heaps and graphs.

Introduction to Turing machines; recursive functions; undecidability. Introduction to order-of-magnitude complexity. Use and development of precise formulations of mathematical ideas. Retrieved from ” https: Graphs and simple graph algorithms: Rudiments of the analysis of algorithms and order analysis. Undecidability of problems in computation, including the halting problem.

Noorul Islam College of Engineering University: CSC Foundations of Computer Science A survey of formal models and results that form the theoretical foundations of computer science; typical topics include finite automata, Turing machines, undecidable problems, context free languages and computational complexity.