Comic Zeal also has a lot of settings for reading, which means you can get everything set up just how you like it. The “smart zoom” feature is. Comic book fans interested in taking their favorite books with them will enjoy ComicZeal, which lets you store and read your favorite titles on the. “If you already have comics in a digital format, Comic Zeal is simply the best way to read them on your iPad.” Comic Zeal is currently the best.

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Description Do you want the most features? It’s not just an update to the look, it’s also an update to the philosophy. If you bought Comic Zeal prior to the release of version 9 you continue to get access to all the older themes, if you buy it after you have to pay a little extra to get all the themes. If you have a Mac running Yosemite give Air Drop a go! If it finds one, then it puts the comic straight into that series. A comiczezl change is that to open a comic you have to tap on the thumbnail.

It won’t crash Comic Zeal or corrupt your data though so feel free to have a play with it. If the new Comic Zeal was a new app, your comics would be left behind in the old version. Comic Zeal would sometimes crash when started right after the update comiczral sometimes when reading a comic. Bitolithic and the little bitos. Uploading over wifi however is often slow and you have rwad watch it because the app will crash during upload.

The only annoying aspect of Comic Zeal Comic Reader is importing through iTunes, which is a two-step process with the files first being imported into the iPad and then imported into Comiczal Zeal Comic Reader.

Comic Zeal Alternatives & Reviews

It’s an incredibly fast way to organize your comics. There was an issue a lot of you experienced when upgrading to CZ 6 and I’d like to explain what happened. Use the amazing slider to move, copy and delete groups of comics.


To do that it asks the iPad to fetch a file that contains the version number of the first CZ you bought, most of the time the iPad then asks you to log in to your iTunes account to make sure CZ is not trying to do anything funny. Our only reax was to update CZ to support both versions of the iOS, and the best way to do that was to simplify the user interface. Comic Zeal Easy organization and reading of comics and manga. Ok, so after all that what has actually changed?

Comics are imported super quick now, can you let me know if you need some kind of download queue display? However, navigating pages is still easy on a touch screen, and zooming in is a cinch even if the dramatic transitions of ComiXology are missing.

Hi all, a lot of you thought there was too much white space in the list view. New features are tested well, but it’s very difficult to go back and test everything in an app, human nature is to focus just on what has changed. Five of them, and they rhyme. They happen cojiczeal the exact opposite reasons. Wattpad A huge library of ebooks in your pocket.

Comic Zeal for iPhone – Download

rdad Nevertheless, the app should not have gone out with so many problems, if I had known about them I never would have released it. I have some big changes for you in this version, I hope you like it. Comic Finders are available as an In-App Purchase.

Hi all, welcome to Comic Zeal 9! It’s easy to import your comics, the library it well organized and the app have lots of settings so you can get them looking just right.

The slider of course, stays, it’s the best option for organising large collections of anything on iOS. Comiczea, condition will now be picked up and corrected. You can rename everything just by tapping on the name.


My beta testers for Comic Zeal are great but they are volunteers and don’t go into every nook and cranny. You’d think it would work well enough but unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t. The slider in Comic Zeal Comic Reader becomes the all-in-one tool.

Comic Zeal

I personally use my browser to import the files. To refresh your memory, if this option is turned on, whenever a comic is imported Comic Zeal tries to find the name of a series in the comic’s name. Turning the iPad to landscape will also scale so both pages show.

It makes a lot of sense, making an app that spans both generations of the OS is very difficult. The reading view controls have gone into a toolbar.

For Apple, this is good. But if you are reading a comic with more than 50 pages there is an optimization that, a second or two after you open the comic, causes the reading view to re-layout the pages. Of course, you can always change the series name before importing a new batch too. Be the first to write one, or check for additional reviews in the next section below. If you have any comments or suggestions we have started a discussion in our support site for you. Sep 12, Version 9. Files are normally sorted by title and numerical series are combined into one folder.

Use the zoom lock to hide page borders. You can follow Comic Zeal progress by subscribing to our twitter feed, bitolithic. Hi all, today we have a bug fix, a little change to the slider pop-up and a new way to put comics into the right series. After that though, watch out! A lot of developers are taking the approach of starting a brand new version of their app.