Chrotopterus auritus occur in southern Mexico, through Central America, and into Wings of C. auritus are elliptical in outline with pointed tips and a high wing. Chrotopterus auritus. big-eared woolly bat. Chrotopterus auritus. little white- shouldered bat. Ametrida centurio; big-eared woolly bat. Chrotopterus auritus. 31 ago. Chrotopterus auritus (Peters, ) is one of the largest species of neotropical bats, occurring from the south of Mexico to northern Argentina.

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Chrotopterus auritus Peters, is one of the largest species of neotropical bats, occurring from the south of Mexico to northern Argentina. Jamaican fig-eating bat A. Pygmy round-eared bat L. Bats will typically emit sounds through their nose or mouth.

Chrotopterus auritus – #033

The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Biology of Bats, Volume I.

Pregnant females have been observed from April until July. It is also not known if C.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

This is consistent with a monestrous cycle, varying geographically. They have six incisors: Their heads are robust, with a wide auritu and large, separate, ovate ears. In other words, Central and South America. Insular single leaf bat M. Synapomorphy of the Bilateria.


ADW: Chrotopterus auritus: INFORMATION

Big-eared woolly bats have a diet similar to that of Vampyrum spectrum and Trachops cirrhosus. Information Press, London, p. Bat Biology and Conservation. Academic Press, London, p.

Ega long-tongued bat S. The mother continues to provide for her pup through weaning and occasionally longer.

The neonate presented However, colonies in captivity under natural photoperiod and in the same latitude of occurrence of the species can result in similar periodicity e. Accessed December 31, at https: In the case of C. California leaf-nosed bat M. Positive Big-eared woolly bats contribute to insect control, lowering the need for insecticides. Hairy little fruit bat R. The process by which an animal locates itself with respect to other animals and objects by emitting sound waves and sensing the pattern of the reflected sound waves.

There is little known about the mating system of C. Services on Demand Journal. Little white-shouldered bat A. Benkeith’s short-tailed bat C. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information dhrotopterus those accounts. Greater round-eared bat T.


Big-eared woolly bat

Cuban fig-eating bat P. Large fruit-eating aufitus A. Lonchorhina sword-nosed bats Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L. Mother bats and infants also communicate using sound and smell, starting shortly after birth.

The big-eared woolly bat or Peter’s woolly false vampire bat Chrotopterus auritus is a species of batbelonging to the Order Chiroptera and Family Phyllostomidae. Desmodus Common vampire bat D. The front of the neck has a small glandular pocket similar to many other species of bats. Hill and Smith, ; Medellin, ; Nowalk, ; Wimsatt, This bat species lives in warm subtropical forests, usually roosting in caves and hollow logs, where prey is returned to before consumption.

It has been shown to feed primarily on small arthropods and small vertebrates, including fruits, beetles, moths, small mammals including opossums and rodentsbirds including passerine birds and even other bat species.