Page 4 of Deck Types. The simple BubbleDeck® is cast over the pre- fabricated ‘bubble- lattice’ on traditional formwork. In the filigree-slab BubbleDeck ® the. BubbleDeck – the Biaxial Hollow Slab. Architectural freedom, Flexibility in Design and Use, Fast and Inexpensive, Savings and Environmental Benefits. Bubble deck slab. 1. BUBBLE DECK SLAB; 2. CONTENTS Introduction Materials Advantages Experimental Study Scope of Future.

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However required resistance can be achieved by providing vertical reinforcement. This is not the last of the bubhledeck of the Bubble deck slab floor system: BubbleDeck precast concrete floor slabs BubbleDeck is a precast concrete floor system which makes floor slabs lighter and stronger by incorporating large, hollow plastic balls in a lattice of steel.

BubbleDeck is a precast concrete floor system which makes floor slabs lighter and stronger by incorporating large, hollow plastic balls in a lattice of steel.

The construction is analogous to an equivalent solid deck. bubblexeck

Are you interested in this topic. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. The main obstacle with concrete constructions, in case of horizontal slabs, is the high weight, which limits the span. However, even if there were contact between the ball and the steel, the environment inside the void is very dry and protected – there is also no breach apart from micro cracking of the concrete to the bubgledeck air.

The principal characteristic is that hollow plastic spheres are incorporated in the floor, Clamped in a factory-made reinforcement structure. Retrieved from ” https: A New Year’s resolution: After the site finishing, concrete bubblexeck poured and cured.


For this reason major developments of reinforced concrete have focused on enhancing the span, either by reducing the weight or overcoming concrete’s natural weakness in tension.

The voided biaxial slabs technology is directly incorporated in international standards bubgledeck the Eurocodes, and various national codes such as the CUR in the Netherlands.

The only elements working are the outer ‘shell’ of concrete on the compression side and the steel on the tension side. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The steel reinforcement is of grade Fy60 strength or higher. Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs.

Bubble Deck Slab | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Civil Engineering

BubbleDeck is a biaxial technology that increases span lengths and makes floors thinner by reducing the weight while maintaining the performance of reinforced concrete slabs. The aim of this paper is to bubblefeck about various properties of Bubble deck slab based on bubblexeck various studies done abroad.

However, Bubble deck slab is light and is not immune from vibration [7] in all cases so this must be checked just as it should be in appropriate solid slab applications. Deflection of Bubble deck is 5. FE modeling, including non-linear cracked section analysis is used to calculate the deflection using normal structural concrete with a Young’s Modulus secant Ecru, multiplied by 0.

Fire resistance depends on concrete cover nearly minutes.

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This is not considered to be a significant weakness. The voids are positioned in the middle of the cross section, where concrete has limited effect, while maintaining solid sections in top and bottom where high stresses can exist.

Where deflections are large, as lsab by the static design, it is often an indication that the structure is Sensitive to vibration SLS issues. The overall floor area can bubblededk divided down into a series of planned individual elements, up to 3 m wide dependent upon site access, which are manufactured off-site using MMC techniques.


Fewer dimensional limitations for the elements. Reduction in the number of pillars.

Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The Slab With Beach Balls | TreeHugger

No plasticizers are necessary for concrete mixture. Although not reinforced, coffers were used to reduce the weight.

All the peculiarities of a project are therefore taken into account in the design; therefore there is no risk of the product being misused by applying it to uses for which it is not intended. Bubble deck slab is conceived to omit a significant volume of concrete compared to a solid slab in the central core where the slab is principally un-stressed in flexure [3]. BubbleDeck Type B is a reinforcement module that consists of a pre-assembled sandwich of steel mesh and plastic bubbles, or “bubble lattice”.

For all types of BubbleDeck, the maximum element size for transportation reasons is 3 m.

Cement, the Unheralded Polluter. Moreover,the slab will not explode due to the escaping of over pressurised gas from the feet 4 feet for each formwork that act as safety valves. It is not presently possible to calculate for the difference in age related properties in the filigree and in-situ concrete parts. Possibility of single direction structures thanks to the bridge accessory. Open spaces Larger spaces. A two way spanning biaxial slab construction slav to a one way spanning deck traditionally a hollow core:.

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