The classic Artscroll Stone Edition small size Chumash 5 volume in slipcase with English translation and commentaries. A great thing becomes smaller and. The Chumash has ratings and 18 reviews. Simcha said: Artscroll’s Stone Edition of the Chumash is a fine work in many ways. It combines an intuitive a. Products 1 – 16 ArtScroll Publications. Stone Edition Chumash – Travel Size – Yerushalayim Dark Brown Leather – Ashkenaz. $ $ You Save: $

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It combines an intuitive and easy-to-read layout with a fine selection of commentary artscoll presents Torah as it has been traditionally cnumash by our sages, all bound up in a well-crafted, fine-looking volume with pages that are large enough to incorporate the Hebrew text, Targum Onkelos, English translation, Rashi’s commentary, and commentaries and notes in English in a manner that is attractive and user-friendly, but small enough that the book can be carried around fairly easily.

The un-bolded text takes the liberty of inserting these parts of speech. The Majesty of Bereishis. Linear ArtScroll Chumash Translation I like the Koren fonts for Hebrew a little more and the Koren tendency to put the Hebrew on the left instead of the right page, but the fonts for the Hebrew are easy to read and the traditional page layout is maintained. In latea close friend of Zlotowitz, Rabbi Meir Fogel, died in his sleep, prompting Zlotowitz to want to do something to honor his memory.


Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud. This commentary draws on the spectrum of Biblical Commentaries, from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats. I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest relying on it as one’s only chumash, but then I’m not sure I could do so for any currently available chumash.

Full Size – Sefard – Maroon Leather. This artscgoll draws on the spectrum of biblical commentaries, from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats. The Rubin Edition of the Prophets: Schottenstein Edition Hebrew Chumash. It contains the entire Torah and a wealth of commentary from Talmud, Midrash, and later Rabbinic commentators.

Everything Translated – Everything explained in English. Add your own voice notes or music Kol Dodi on Megillas Esther. This book has 18 pages.

Interlinear Siddur – Hebew English Ashkenaz. The Stone Chumash, in both content and quality of design, is a good resource for Torah study. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to give this 0 stars. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Machzor Pesach – Sefard – Alligator Leather. Pocket Size – Sefard – Paperback. Joshua and Judges Pocket Size.

Stone Editions of the Chumash

The Five Megillos with translation and commentary. Ultra-reinforced binding, using the most durable materials. When Jerome died, his children and widow, Geraldine, rededicated the project to his memory chumaah addition to those of his parents.

Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Hardcover. Complete Pocket Size – Sefard Paperback. The Five Megillos with translation and commentary. Machzor Succos Full Size – Ashkenaz.


Views Read Edit View history. Best Chumash I’ve ever read.

Retrieved 16 September By Rabbi Nosson Scherman Author. Pocket Size – Ashkenaz. On the left hand page, a new translation of the Hebrew in English. I bought a copy of this shortly after I started studying Hebrew. The Story of The Chofetz Chaim. Some volumes have up to 2 million copies in distribution, while more recent volumes have only 90, copies currently printed.

Great translation and commentary! Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – White Leather. Church and Synagogue Library Association.

– The Stone Chumash – Full Size

I find that I use it with Jewish Study Bible quite a bit. Not being Jewish, I’m not sure what a Artscrolk actually is.

Chujash Artscroll Children’s Megillah. Interlinear 5 Vol Set. The Artscroll Children’s Megillah Paperback. ArtScroll’s English explanations and footnoted commentary in the Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud are based on the perspective of classical Jewish sources.

Feb 05, Simcha Wood rated it it was amazing. Lori rated it it was amazing Apr 16, It includes a wealth of Commentary by over commentators such as: I was surprised that the commentar A beautiful edition. Open Preview See a Problem? Weekday Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Leatherette. Kings I and II.