A combination of giant airport, planned city and business hub, the aerotropolis will be at the heart of the next phase of globalization. Drawing on. John D. Kasarda defined the term “aerotropolis,” and he is now sought after shocking immediacy when I was reading the dazzling new book Aerotropolis. ‘Throw out your old atlas. The new version is here’ Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air ‘An essential guide to the 21st century’ Tom Vanderbilt, author of.

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Jan 01, Andy rated it really liked it. It seems, as the title suggests, that this frequent flying is going to be the way I or we, really will live in the future.

Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next

The premise – that the airport has become the central hub to our lives – makes sense. We learn how all the valuable commodities come in air cargo and everyone will be flying, and lots of business aerotrropolis mumble like “bleeding edge” and “moving up the smiley curve.

People are units, except when they are heroes, changing the way we live with their visionary dreams. I couldn’t make it through though because of the writing. It is so inspiring to find a book that is prepared to make a case and mobilize an argument. It’s the same annoying and sloppy habit that says Henry Ford invented the car, that the Wright Brothers invented flying or that Tim Berners Lee invented the internet.

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The Way We’ll Live Next. A Tale of Three Cities. If ever there was an argument NOT to meet someone, surely that is it? Open Preview See a Aeotropolis This is the aerotropo,is Penguin CanadaMar 1, – Political Science – pages. I’m really not sure I buy this. It is “a new phenomenon… reshaping the way we live and transforming the way we do business”. Not unhappy I read this book but Other editions – View all Aerotropolis: What are they coming for?


Aerotropolis had an interesting premise, but it needed more editing to bring down the size of the book! One last note – I do think that the aeerotropolis demonstrates how our multi-jurisdictional democracy might be getting in the way of keeping the US competitive.

Kasarda defined the term “aerotropolis,” and he is now sought after worldwide as an adviser. The introduction takes up about 20 pages much too long for an intro to me and basically could be the whole book. Aerotropolis is the groundbreaking account of a development that is transforming the way cities are built and the way business is conducted from Vancouver to Singapore and from Dubai to Denver.

Other editions – View all Aerotropolis: Nov 02, Christopher rated it really liked it. Moreover, those aaerotropolis fly a lot or even some like me would hardly call it this amazing experience. The really interesting question is why the true aerotropolis, despite compelling reasons for its existence, is taking so long to get off the ground. Lindsay wrote and serotropolis much of the exploration for Aerotropolis ; Kasarda supplied much of the wisdom.

Kasarda wants to make this the One Big Idea of urban planning into the 21st-c.

Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next by John D. Kasarda

Up in the Air. Those which are most connected will be able to benefit most from a global market.

It is hectoring, breathless, over-persuading, a boring book with an interesting one struggling to get out.


Aerotropolis is straining too hard to be a smartypants bestseller of the the type produced by Malcolm Gladwell to explore this complexity.

This is the 3 star book I’d actually recommend to read, despite some profound disagreements with the book and its premise. Revolution is going to spin that country out of control if the one-child demographics don’t.

John Kasarda invented the term “aerotropolis” to describe the combination of giant airport, planned city, shipping The new version is here’ Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air ‘An essential guide to the 21st century’ Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic From Dubai to Amsterdam, Memphis to South Korea, a new phenomenon is transforming the way we live and work- the aerotropolis. Often times, this requires a more free-market approach.

This brilliant and eye-opening look at the new phenomenon called the aerotropolis gives us a glimpse of the way we will live in the near future—and the way we will do business too.

This had potential but really needed a good editor. Whether nook interested in economics, business, or urban theory, aerotgopolis one is worth checking out. More than that, my politics aerotropolia to veer left, but it found many of his free-market arguments compelling. Greg Lindsay has been a senior correspondent at Inside. They may not be right, bolk they are right to describe what happens when an airport, city and economic hub collide.

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